Paladin Macros

Aura Mastery – For changing from an aura other than Concentration into...

Aura Mastery – For changing from an aura other than Concentration into Concentration and then casting Aura Mastery

#show Aura Mastery
/castsequence reset=6 Concentration Aura, Aura Mastery

Buffs- Hit this a couple times to get all the relevant PVP buffs you want

#Show Righteous Fury
/target Freshmaker
/castsequence reset=6 Seal of Insight, Righteous Fury, Blessing of Kings

Divine Plea- Easy use for activating or canceling Divine Plea

#showtooltip Divine Plea
/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea

On Use Spellpower Trinket- Bound to Flash of Light for ease of use

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/use 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
/cast Flash of Light

Hammer of Justice- Casts it on your Focus target.

#showtooltip Hammer of Justice
/cast [@focus] Hammer of Justice

Holy Shock – Awesome macro from Arena Junkies that binds Taunt to your Holy Shock. Causes pets to attack you which can break damage based CCs such as polymorph or traps. Also combos well with Blessed Life to give you free holy power when you’re not the target.

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast Holy Shock
/cast [noharm,help] Righteous Defense
/stopmacro [harm] [noexists]
/cast Righteous Defense

Turn Evil- Casts turn evil on your target, but if there’s a gargoyle out it will fear that instead without having to target the gargoyle.

#showtooltip Turn Evil
/targetexact Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Turn Evil

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