These are generic macros that can be used by any class. Class-specific...

These are generic macros that can be used by any class. Class-specific macros can be found in the drop-down list above.

Automatic Tracking Macro – Alternatively you can stick the tracking portion into a separate macro and use the /click ability to call it, so you can keep things like trinkets in your shot rotation macro. This macro isn’t necessary anymore due to changes in the past but still works if you wanted to use it.

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/stopmacro [noexists]
/run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local n, t, a, c = GetTrackingInfo(i); if string.find(n, UnitCreatureType(“target”)) then if t~=GetTrackingTexture(i) then SetTracking(i); end end end
/cast Steady Shot

Better Mount Macro – Replace the first set of numbers with the index of any ground mounts you want randomly selected, replace the 2nd set with any flying mounts, and replace the 3rd set with the index of your seahorse/swimming mount.

/run if not IsMounted() then local g,f,s,x={23,54,17},{40},{1},strfind(GetMapInfo(),”Vashj”) local t=(x and IsSwimming()) and s or (IsFlyableArea() and not IsShiftKeyDown()) and f or g CallCompanion(“MOUNT”,t) end
/dismount [mounted]

Bandage and Target Last Enemy

#showtooltip Heavy Frostweave Bandage
/use [help,nomodifier:alt] Heavy Frostweave Bandage; [@player] Heavy Frostweave Bandage

Minimap Targeting Macro – Create a new macro in the “General” tab of your macro page, pick any icon you want and name it “1.” Just 1, and leave the content area blank. Put it on one of your action bars and make sure you know which button it is. Create a second macro like this:

/run s=GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText(); m=string.sub(s, 1, string.find(s, “n”)) EditMacro(1, “1″, 2, “/focus n/Target “..m, 1, 1);
/click MultiBarBottomRightButton6

Random Vanity Pet

/run local c = GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”); CallCompanion(“CRITTER”,random(1,c))

Shoot or Fish? – Simply Auto Attack/Shot unless you have a Fishing Pole equipped, than it casts fishing. Handy for your dailies and saving a bar spot.

/cast [equipped:Fishing Pole] Fishing(Grand Master); Auto Shot

Gear Swap Helm Toggle Macro – Allows you to easily swap between gear sets depending on your spec as well as toggle your helm on or off. Replace the “PVPLOL” or “PvE” with the name of your item sets and make sure it matches your proper spec.

/run ShowHelm(not ShowingHelm())
/equipset [spec:2] PVPLOL
/equipset [spec:1] PvE

Lil Ragnaros Grill – You can change Lil Ragnaros with a cooking fire, but since he lets me roast delicious food on his head, I just use him.

#showtooltip Cooking
/cast [button:2] Lil’ Ragnaros; [button:1]Cooking

Any questions, comments, or additions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, e-mail me, or send me a message on Twitter and I will do my best to help you out.

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