The First 4 Days of Cataclysm

We are approaching the first week of Cataclysm and I am sure...

We are approaching the first week of Cataclysm and I am sure madness has ensued for everyone.

As for me, I haven’t even logged on to a second character yet as I have been leveling as quick as I can after I get home from work. As of right now I have half a level to go before I turn into a Predator. Every time I start to level I always have grand intentions of sticking with the zone until I get the achievement for it, but as always, I leave zones as I feel I out-level them in hopes of greener pastures and larger experience gains.

So far I have around 120 quests completed in Vash’jir. But then moved to Deepholm for a about a level before heading to Uldum which I absolutely love. We’ve had deserts. We’ve had trees. But Uldum perfectly captures what it would feel like in Egypt. Lush, green environments near the water sources with desert stretching into the distance with architecture that accurately captures the essence of the zone. Overall it may not be as visually stunning as Vash’jir, but I think it was very well executed.

I have been able to level my professions relatively cheaply, due to some of the guildies. Some through donations in exchange for future gems and flasks, some selling me their materials at a discounted rated. My Alchemy hit 525 last night so now I need to finish Jewelcrafting and Archaeology so that I can hope to find the recipe for a Vial of the Sands.

We recently learned from MMO-Champion that the recipe is obtained through Archaeology. It provides screenshots and a comment of a user who acquired it. So unless this is an elaborate troll, we have our goal.

The mod is still being developed, although I wanted to hit level 85 first. That way I can run the dungeons with my friends when we are all online.

So far it’s been pretty easy to cap our guild experience every day despite having smaller numbers. It is nice knowing that we can level up as fast as any other guild without having to recruit so much that our roster looks like this.

I think plenty of new videos might be in order with all the new dungeons. They have been pretty fun. I am especially a fan of Grim Batol, though there are a couple I haven’t done yet, such as the Lost City and Hals of Origination.

I’ve upload a few screenshots of things I thought were funny or what not, which you can see here.

That’s it for now. Time to get back to work and think about that last half a level.

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