Let the Hunter Pull

At level 85 Hunters received a new ability that many folks are...

At level 85 Hunters received a new ability that many folks are having mixed emotions over. Is it a PvP ability? A mediocre PvE ability? Why is it so much worse than stealth while being on a longer cooldown and a finite duration?

Trapping with Camouflage

One thing we do know is that it is a great trick to getting close enough to trap even the mobs in the back of a pack. As a Hunter, you generally have to trap first since mobs like to move, and once you do all the mobs who are not being crowd-controlled aggro to you.

One side effect some people may have not noticed is that even the casters mobs will run towards you. Remember that one function of Camouflage is that you are unable to be targeted by ranged spells. This allows a trapping Hunter to not only provide a trap, but to lure all the remaining free mobs into the open arms of the tank, including those pesky casters, so long as no one gets healed before they get there.

While standing around a corner usually works, some instances make that more difficult than others, especially in places like the Stonecore.

So let that Hunter pull to avoid dealing with messy casters!

Camouflage and PvP

Another note to be made about Camouflage I learned the other night is that it will not break if you try to pick up the Twin Peaks or Warsong Gulch flag. The flag drops immediately but you will remain in Camouflage.

Your pet is able to leave Camouflage and attack a target without breaking your Camouflage as well. While not always particularly effective, it can definitely be a nuisance for other ranged folks.

Any other fun tips or tricks you want to share? Put ‘em in the comments!

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