The Final Countdown and Guild Recruitment

We are down to just over one week before Cataclysm is released...

We are down to just over one week before Cataclysm is released and I am quite excited. While I am probably going to finish the expansion without my Light of Dawn title or a Bane of the Fallen king title, I can be happy with 11/12 heroic, finishing off a couple extra level 80s (bringing the total to 5), convincing a whole bunch of friends to roll on Illidan and in genral, experiencing everything the expansion had to offer.

And with that, I say bring on Deathwing. The latest patch has brought us some things to wet our appetite for all things Cataclysm. If you have had a chance to visit places like Orgrimmar or Darnassus, the changes will feel quite apparent. We have had the opportunity to tame new pets in the form of dogs, foxes, monkeys, and different variations of the silithid bugs. City tabards have been implemented, which now replaces the Argent Tournament as the easiest way to get Exalted with major cities.

If you are Horde, there is a good chance you have spent the past few days showing off the new Goblin tabard so you could purchase your shiny new turbo trike. I haven’t ran this many heroics in quite a while, but as you can tell from the screenshot, I finished that rep grind too.

Garrosh has been ushered in as our new Warchief so you can expect a less cuddly Horde as he seems a bit of a warmonger. Him and King Varian will get along great!

While not as in-depth as some, if you are still wondering where you need to go come Cataclysm (or when you level a new alt), MMO-Champion posted this handy graphic for you to follow:

Your choice are:

  • The Sunken City of Vashj’ir (80-82) – Located off the west coast of the Eastern Kingdom
  • Mount Hyjal (80-82) – Located in the zone next to Azshara and Winterspring
  • Maelstrom and Deepholm (82-83) – Located in, um, the Maelstrom. :)
  • Uldum (83-84) – Located near Tanaris
  • Twilight Highlands (84-85) – Located on the eastern edge of the Wetlands

They also have a handy list of everything you are going to need for leveling your professions. Although I may regret not having a gathering profession in the following weeks, as buying raw materials is going to take a toll on my pocketbook I am sure.

Guild Recruitment

So on that note, I should address the second half of this post title. As times goes on, it becomes more and more desirable to raid with a close-knit group of people. Currently my guild Throwdown with BobbyFlay has a whopping 84 characters across 12 accounts. It’s huge, I know. We have 7 people, and hopefully an 8th and 9th soon, who all are interested 10-man raiding.

We ranged a fairly broad spectrum of people in such a small number. Be it college student, married, parents, etc. But I have no intent of giving up on raiding, one way or another. I would say about half of these people are new to WoW. A couple are rerollers who I know locally who came to join us on Illidan. But as it stands, we would love a couple more folks who want a fairly casual raid environment. I have illusions of pushing server first kills or competitive hard mode acquisition, especially on a server like Illidan.

So to be honest, if you definitely want cutting edge content we are probably not for you. We don’t have a raid schedule planned and probably won’t till we have enough 85s running heroics to feasibly start relative content. As a guild, we probably won’t do battlegrounds because we have too many who don’t like PvP, but enough to field some Arena teams although some of us will be joining some other BG teams on the server.

What we do have, is a relaxed atmosphere with a diverse groups of people who know how to speak a sentence without profanity. We are definitely family friendly. Even if you do not want to raid on a schedule because you cannot commit but want folks to talk with and run other things with, you are more than welcome. Transfers, rerolls, we care not. As you can see by our characters-to-account ratio, we lots of alts so finding people to play with wouldn’t be hard.

But as you can imagine, we aren’t all scrubs either. If you are reading this, you know I am not a stranger to raiding. Neither are some of our other guys so we aren’t heading into this blind. Obviously we won’t be enforcing things like specs, professions, etc.

There will be a whole myriad of content to start writing about very soon which excites me as well. I also want to write a post looking back on the past 6 years of WoW.

If you are interested, send me a message here, in-game, or a tell if I am online.

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