Know your Bacteria

I’ve been trying to play more competitive Left 4 Dead 2 (who...

I’ve been trying to play more competitive Left 4 Dead 2 (who knew it existed, right?) So a friend of mine and myself began playing with higher quality opponents.  One of the things I noticed, which will be my focus for today, is that they always seemed to know what was coming.  Whether it be a boomer or a hunter, they always seemed to know approximately when and where it was coming from.  I realize that a lot of that comes from experience (ie. The best spots to spawn for hunter to get a high damage pounce)  but I’m not new to the game, and I still couldn’t tell exactly when and where attacks were going to come from.

So how do they do it?  The secret is bacteria.  Every special infected character has a unique identifying sound that plays while they are spawning that can alert you as to which special infected they are.  Also, the sound emits from the location of the character.  So, if you know which bacteria is which you can now know if a boomer is on the roof above you, or if you should watch for the charger/spitter combination.  Here’s a link to a video that will demonstrate which bacteria goes with which special infected. (L4D2 Bacteria)

The bacterias that were easiest for me to recognize were Boomer and Charger.  They are both deeper than the rest and the Boomer bacteria is very characteristic in that it almost sounds like a noise you would hear coming from a boomer.  Feel free to play around with the nifty flash project we put together for you guys.  Feedback is always welcome.

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