Macros and Power Auras in Patch 4.0

With the patch going live and our world trembling as we know...

With the patch going live and our world trembling as we know it (I mean seriously, constant earthquakes) we have a lot to adjust to. What spec is best? What is the proper balance between stats and Mastery? We have tons of questions that need to be answered and they will be once we figure them all out.

But let’s talk about what we know. We know Focus regenerates very slow when you don’t use Steady Shot. And we also know the Haste -> Focus Regen ratio is incredibly low too. I decided to spend my newly converted Justice Points on the Herkuml War Token. I wanted to try out for a couple reasons. One, I was still using a Darkmoon Card, and despite how good it is, it really wanted to retire. And two, that large amount of haste allows me to Reforge a lot of haste off my gear instead of critical strike while still allowing me to keep my Steady Shot as close to a 1.5 second cast as possible.

And while Hunters everywhere are figuring out what the new hotness is, there are a few things we can start updating! New macros and Power Aura configurations for some of our new 4.0 talents and abilities!

Rather than posting them all here, I am going to try and keep it consolidated and updated on my Hunter Macros page, and create a new one for Power Aura configurations. But some of the obvious answers are that we can delete any Power Aura entry or macro that refers to Aspect of the Viper. For example, the Aspect macro I have been using now only consists of Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Cheetah, at least until Cataclysm is released.

With Kill Command now longer being one of those “no global cooldown” abilities into a high priority attack for Beast Mastery Hunters, lines in macros referencing it need to be removed unless it is a specific Kill Command macro. I was attempting to keep it macro’d in but it would keep me from being able to fire Steady Shot even while on cooldown. Maybe I will come up with something shiny later, but for now, Kill Command gets its own button.

My Spirit Beast has been in the stable for far too long, and while he’s still not ideal, I decided we could modify my Misdirection macro to work for the targeted heal that comes with him too. Instead of Misdirection, it will cast the Spirit Mend on your target if it is friendly with highest priority, followed by your focus target with second highest priority, and finally either yourself or your pet as it’s final priority target, whichever one you feel will need it more often and not wanting to take the time to target.

There are a few more on the Macro page as well as the new Power Auras page. You can visit the macros here and the Power Auras here, or use the menu up top.

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