Drotara’s Mod: Pick-A-Pet

I’ve recently started working on my own mod for us Hunters out...

I’ve recently started working on my own mod for us Hunters out there. And while it is not finished yet, I figure it was worth making an announcement since it is almost in a working state. I was going to make this post over the weekend but we all had more pressing things to pay attention to. :)

The mod is called Pick-A-Pet, which does exactly what it sounds like. It is designed to help Hunters quickly determine which buff their party or raid is missing and then tells you what pet you should bring to fill that needed slot.

The current version works from a code stand point as far as analyzing a 5-man group goes (to the best I can tell), but due to known bugs with patch 4.0.1 the inspect feature is breaking frequently, preventing the mod from looping the your group properly and identifying each player’s class and spec. (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=27188062708&sid=1&pageNo=1#12)

I am currently working on the pet recommendation part, but it does make it a challenge to test out when I can’t inspect a full group. But let me share my vision with you.

Currently the mod has 9 icons on the screen, representing the 9 buffs outlined in Zee’s Pet Usage Flowchart. (http://forums.wow-petopia.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4753)

Some buffs can be brought by multiple pet families which is indicated in the tooltip of each icon, as well as what spec the pet family requires and whether you are currently able to bring that buff depending on your spec.

The next goal is obviously finishing up the pet recommendation part, which is also going to look at your 4 active pets (5 come Cataclysm) and see which pets you currently have to further customize the pet recommendation. At this point I am unsure of methods in place for checking the actual stabled pets so we will see how that goes. You will then be able to click on the pet family icons to call your corresponding pet of that family if you have one.

Currently the mod only works for 5-player groups, but once I know it is working and the inspect function in WoW is fixed, I will be able to quickly add the ability to loop through your raid and determine class and spec of each player.

The final goal at this point, which can obviously change as suggestions and bugs are found, is to add a Pally Power-type mechanism in place to allow multiple Hunters to coordinate their pet buffs with each other.

I have a permanent page up now, which you can find right here or using the menu up top. Faeldray has suggested I put it up on Curse for bug reports, but I am not really a Curse fan though I do love version control and what not. So we will see.

As for now, you can find it on it’s official page up there as development continues. Hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to it working completely once the WoW inspect bug is fixed.

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Drotara (or BehemothDan) considers himself a geek on many levels. A web developer and programmer by trade, he has no shortage of geeky hobbies. When not fulfilling husband and daddy duties, he enjoys WoW, the WoW TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and great board games with friends and family.