That was . . . unexpected.

Let me share a story with you. Yet another story relating to...

Let me share a story with you. Yet another story relating to the existence and demise of a guild.

So as you know, if you have been keeping on my guild drama, that my guild recently lost a few members due to some loot decisions and generic guild attrition. But to quickly rebound, we merged with another group of players with similar achievements, gear levels, and some with their Bane of the Fallen King title.

So we changed our raid days to a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule and had a decent first week of raiding. The guild cleared 10/12 heroic in one night, killed heroic Sindragosa the next night, and started attempts on heroic Lich King. Everything seemed good. I tossed up a guild website with forums, recruitment status, among other things. walked the new officers through how to add news items, manage forums, etc.

I spent the day helping with a yard sale, playing the WoW TCG at my local shop, and even squeezed in some DnD before I logged on this evening for random activities. Then I  tried to open my guild tab only to find it greyed out.

My next response was /who Resurgence.

0 players found.

/who so much damage.

That returned a few results. What the crap was going on. So I got a re-ginvite and then found out what went down. Apparently the guild/players we merged with had purchased their Bane titles, found a guild to merge with and then decided to ninja 80,000 gold, a few hundred flasks, and whatever else was in the bank. Then considering we had co-GMs, they decided to disband the guild and vanish from the server.

What the crap? What do you even say to that? So everyone who wasn’t in on stealing everything from the guild bank is back in “SO MUCH DAMAGE BRO” with our future once again hanging in the balance.

How do you prepare for something like that? How do you prevent that from happening? It was completely out of the blue. We have a ticket in with Blizzard to see what they will do about it since it was obviously a planned scam. All we can do now is wait.

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