The Loot Council Dilemma

A while back I made a post about online ethics and what would cause you to cross the line to ninja gear. Today I pose an interesting situation for your reading and discussion and I am eager to hear what you have to say. So let me tell you a story . . . and I will attempt to tell it as unbiased as possible because many of the people involved in this story are people who I really enjoy playing the game with, who’ve I had the opportunity of raiding with in the past.

With not awesome attendance, the guild wipes on content they’ve killed repeatedly. While hoping to save up attempts for some fantastic wipes on heroic Lich King, it is unfortunate that heroic Professor Putricide and heroic Sindragosa are being more difficult than they normally do. People are becoming frustrated because, as I said, this is content that has been cleared in a single night. To help maintain the guild’s sanity, the guild management decides to take the raid to Ruby Sanctum as the evening draws closer to an end.

The method of loot distribution warrants an explanation as well. The guild runs a sort of hybrid DKP and loot council method. Most items are given out by DKP blind bidding with DKP earned through a time-based system among other factors. However heroic tokens, weapons, and trinkets are distributed through an officer loot council.

This guild happened to have an abundance of Hunters. 5 to be exact, all with good attendance. As this raid zones into Ruby Sanctum, one member of that Hunter group states that the loot council decided 3 weeks ago that the next Sharpened Twilight Scale was going to one of the Warriors. More specifically, the super-geared Shadowmourne wielding Warrior who’s is also the Guild Master and member of the loot council. The Hunter who shared this would have been privy to this information because up until a week before, they had been an officer in the guild.

This obviously raised some ire among the Hunters, as they felt other people who also had great attendance and performed at a high level would benefit from this upgrade much more than a currently Armor Pen-capped Warrior. It wasn’t as if the Hunters thought it should to go themselves, but other members of the raid. All of this was hearsay at this point since they trash had not been cleared yet. As they moved through the instance, a few quips was made here and there until the boss fight came.

After a clean kill, lo and behold the trinket did actually drop. Now this was not the guild’s first Twilight Scale, but most people know how trinkets have a way of not dropping frequently. The Hunters waited for the loot council decision to see if this prophetic statement was true. Sure enough, the announcement was made that the aforementioned Warrior had indeed won the trinket through loot council decision.

This now caused statements to be made by some Hunters in raid chat, some more diplomatic than others. Things along the lines of:

– “Grats. 100% ArP and now you have more.”

– “I don’t see how all 5 loot council thought that was the best use of that upgrade.”

– “Yay, another ArP trinket while you have raiders who don’t even have one.”

Obviously this stirred some emotions. And as the madness continued, one of the Hunters, who started the public raid comments, was kicked from the guild. Following that, one of the other Hunters quit in the wake of the first one being remoed. By now, the rest of the raid was hoping it had spiraled into a joke. And when the Hunter who had originally made the statement about the predetermined loot also received a guild kick, that’s when people were concerned. Statements made in guild chat by leaders of the guild were defensive and almost hostile to a roster of guildies who had said nothing or hadn’t involved themselves in the situation.

We hadn’t killed Sindragosa on heroic this week, and we had been attempting to do so with 24 people. And the Hunters, in general, had fantastic raid attendance. The following response from the guild was mixed of “What the crap is going on” and some being apathetic.

Later discussions with the Warrior shed a different colored light on the situation. According to the Warrior guild master, the first Hunter to get kicked was a combination of how he handled the disagreement in combination with a history of having a bad attitude.

As far as predetermined loot, he said that was an outright lie. He, in fact, had supported me getting the trinket, while the other officers voted for him. Now while I don’t expect many loot council decisions in my favor as I only have 66% raid attendance as I cannot make Sunday raids, I appreciated the gesture. He explained the loot council didn’t find any of the other Hunters more deserving due to recent acquired by other Hunters in the form of heroic Zod’s among other things.

So in conclusion the situation we see is someone telling us that loot decisions were made a head of time, pushing the idea that the guild is merely a mechanism to fuel the beefy Warrior guild master. There isn’t really an argument that the upgrade, mathematically, would have been bigger for another raider. And on the other hand, we have the guild master saying that is not true and that the loot council decided it should go to him even with him voting for someone else. That the other Hunters had loot council decisions made in their favor recently. The subsequent guild kicks and guild quits were culmination of things building up.

So, is it a guild conspiracy or a series of events that happened to become unfortunate coincidences? Thoughts, comments, and how you would have handled the situation below.

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