Classic WoW Moments

A lot of us have been playing World of Warcraft for a very long time. I’ve been going strong since early closed beta when the end-game dungeon available to players was Uldaman. Obviously things have changed a lot since then. Something we will never be able to do again, some will never feel the same. So lately old adventures I’ve had in Azeroth have been popping into my head and I thought I would jot them down and encourage you guys to add your favorite moments that can’t or won’t ever be duplicated or any awesome adventure you recall.

  • Raiding Upper Blackrock Spire with 40 people. And wiping on trash.
  • Convincing people to peer into the crack in the wall behind Golemagg because we told them they could see Ragnaros. And watching them die.
  • “Sacrificing” one of our Gnome Warlocks to silly things in Molten Core in hopes it would bring us good loot!
  • Receiving Teebu’s Blazing Longsword during a UBRS run off of trash and subsequently receiving tells from people all across the server. (Bonus points if you can tell me why it was so awesome, other than the obvious Lightsaber factor)
  • The “hate” I received from people for having the aforementioned sword and winning a Runeblade of Baron Rivendare. I am sure if you spent hours digging through down-ranked Thottbot comments you could find some of the original hate.
  • Our guild coordinating the AQ Gate Event Auction. Had people from all over the server submit redeemable items in exchange for “tickets” to help us get the Mallet made faster in exchange for the chance of winning a “You and 3 friends come with us to MC and loot everything” and a “Come to Nefarion and loot everything” evening of awesomeness.
  • Heading to Felwood with other Warriors to “farm” honor before the weekly reset.
  • PvPing for the sake of PvPing.
  • Defending Southshore furiously because that’s what we did. And landing in Southshore and dying instantly.
  • Joining an Alterac Valley, fighting for an hour, leaving to go to school or work, coming back 8 hours later and joining the same unfinished Alterac Valley.
  • Having to have a certain rank in order to zone into the room with some of the other PvP vendors.
  • Getting invites and summons to UBRS to tank the last 2 bosses because I was one of the few tanks geared enough to “handle” the Beast and General.
  • Thinking how awesome it was to have 9,000 health while tanking Ragnaros thanks to a ridiculous amount of buffs, including a battle standard from Alterac Valley.
  • Getting my Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros after our guild received two Eye of Ragnaros during our first two kills.
  • PvPing in PvE gear because that was the gear that rocked.
  • The original C’thun corpse run. OK, not the fondest memory, but a memory none the less.
  • When the game changed once Warriors had wide access to the Arcanite Reaper.
  • Getting complimented in Ironforge because of my full Valor gear.
  • When any Druid coming to a raid was required to spec into Innervate.
  • The concept of “Auto-Shot AFK.”
  • When Shadowmeld was the hottest thing to use when guarding a base in Arathi Basin as a Warrior.
  • Racing to world bosses in order to get the kill before other guilds did.
The bug mounts from AQ40.

The one and only time we ever lined up for a screenshot.

OK, this next one is a bit of a story which warranted more than a bullet point. But those who remember it dubbed it “Remember Forgewright’s Tomb.” Before there was Thorium Point, Alliance would run from Thelsamar either through the Badlands or using the Gate Key (“Oh, you mean THIS gate key.”) to get to Searing Gorge to head to Molten Core. Being the wary raiders that we were, we gathered as a group before heading to our raid.

As we traveled, we picked off Horde in our path. Maybe one or two here, one or two there. It was a long path to Molten Core! This continued until we were in Blackrock Mountain. While we were waiting for our few stragglers some folks ventured down closer to the entrance to Molten Core, continuing with the Horde killing. Finally we had regrouped and were about to head to our raid, as we were gathered inside Forgewright’s Tomb.

Remember Forgewright's Tomb

A battle any Orc... errr, Night Elf would be proud of! >_>

That’s when general chat had a few levelers exclaiming that a whole lot of Horde were resurrecting and grouping up. By final count, there was easily two full raid groups of Horde who were upset that we had interrupted their attempts to travel to their raid. And back in these, everyone knew everyone on your server. You came to know guilds and their players. Through forums, through PvP, or whatever.

So we prepared ourselves for our final stand within the tomb. I kind of envision it like that scene in Moria in Lord of the Rings. Except with two doors, and the opposing force having healers. So the Horde poured in through the doors and we fought. And fought. And they kept coming. Drums. Drums in the deep.

Needless to say there was too many for us to hold off. But the battle and the situation itself reeked of awesomeness. No matter how many years have passed, that remains my fondest PvP memory in WoW.

If you’ve been playing WoW for any length of time you no doubt have some awesome moments. So share them in the comments below!

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