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In an effort to branch out to other games and start covering some new material, I am lucky to have some very talented friends, including some who seem to have a way with words! If you’ve had a chance to notice the new link at the top of the page, “Suck At Zerg” is my friend’s new site that I lovingly dub as part of the QQ Network. Sure, what I call the QQ Network is only two sites, but it’s a start.

You can also follow him on Twitter @krutoypotsan. He has been playing World of Warcraft for a while and is eagerly waiting for the release of Starcraft 2. This also happens to be the main focus of his site if you couldn’t gather that from his self-deprecating title. He has a few posts up so I encourage you to check him out! His site will be getting small make-overs in the near future to add as many handy conveniences as possible.

If you happen to be a WoW TCG player, this weekend is the Spectral Safari, which is a great opportunity to win a Blazing Hippogryph loot card (for winning) or the chance of winning a Spectral Tiger just for participating. If you happen to be in the Utah and looking to participate, look no further than the Game Grid, where you will find yours truly acting as the judge for the tournament. It should be a great time.

My guild cleared ICC last night with 10/12 hard modes, which is awesome. Sure Hellscream’s Warsong is making things easier, so it’s good to know a lot of the hard modes have been done ahead of time. The idea of making content easier at the end of the expansion isn’t a new idea.

I remember during the original Naxxramas when Blizzard implemented the change to allow more than one heal over time of the same name on a single target. Stacking Renews and Rejuvenations and the such. The slowly increasing monster buff in Icecrown Citadel doesn’t surprise me. But the content is still fun.

The guild did manage to kill heroic Professor Putricide last night

The guild did manage to kill heroic Professor Putricide last night, although sadly I was sitting out since technically I am still a trial and their Hunter raiders have the best attendance of any other class. But I was lucky to be included in many of the other kills, including Blood Queen which did net me a handy polearm. And while Bloodfall lacks Armor Penetration, I am still gemmed for Agility so my Survival spec was quite pleased.

With Arthas dead for the week, we plan on having a lovely string of wipes tonight as we attempt to down heroic Halion over in the Ruby Sanctum.

And I would gladly wipe all night for new content! Well that is all for now! It is my Friday and I am excited for the long weekend. Saturday is a Utah state holiday so the only logical answer is to have Friday off.

And did I mention today is my birthday? Woohoo!

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