The Kingslayer

I generally make pretty good impressions with people in guilds that I join. I guess “Really Good At This Game” was no exception. Ulduar has been rotated out of top-level raiding for quite some time now. After hopping in a raid or two with the folks at “SO MUCH DAMAGE BRO” (no comments about the guild name) Jardizzil, who was a member in Really Good, and a couple officers asked me if I wanted to raid with them as a trial, with them knowing I generally cannot make any of their Sunday raids.

Yesterday was an exception. And a good thing too. Because it meant that I was able to be a participant in a Lich King kill. And did it feel good to get that under my belt. To be fair, the joke on Illidan is that “Kingslayer” is the new “Champion of the Frozen Wastes.” But I was excited to see it all go down.

So moving on past PvE achievements, it’s no secret by now that Blizzard rescinded their decision to display real names on the forums. There was no disagreement that the official forums has more than it’s share of trolls but if the community agreed on one thing, it was the fact that everyone valued their privacy. While this doesn’t rule out whatever sinister plans might be in store for the future, but for now people can continue posting with something other than their real name.

This evening I am going to a 10-man ICC with 8 hard modes or so and that sounds like a perfect time to start making some new videos, so barring out some computer failure, expect that. Also, writing my little roleplaying piece a couple days ago was outside my norm, it did help in getting some creative juices flowing so I think I will write more of them every now and then just to keep the mind going.

That’s all for this manic Monday! See you all again soon!

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