Making Money for the Modern-day Raider

I recently received an email from the folks from Just My Two Copper, asking if I would be interested in writing an article about or if I had an article regarding my methods for keeping my characters fashionable and with enough money to live their Azerothian lives comfortably.

So I thought to myself, “Hmm, what do I do to make my gold and what about it is any different than what anyone else does?” So the following is simply my way of handling my in-game finances and I most definitely do not claim this to be the most effective our best way to do things, but it has worked for me.

When I first started WoW my characters struggled. I don’t know what it was and I am sure if I go back and look hard enough, I could figure out what it was. Getting new gear requiring new enchants was rough. But for some reason after I made the switch to my Hunter, my in-game financial situation changed and I somehow I had no problem making gold. And as time went on I delved into other avenues of making money.

I am a Broker

Drotara holds the bulk of all my characters money, acting as a broker of sorts.

I leave almost zero gold on any of my alt characters. At most, they might have 500 gold on them. Any excess is immediately mailed to Drotara. There are very few things my Hunter would be tempted to buy off a whim from the Auction House. Low-level characters and characters with sub-par gear always tempt me to “invest” in upgrades. Therefore, Drotara holds the bulk of all my characters money, acting as a broker of sorts. If one of my other characters really need something that is not Bind-on-Pickup, Drotara will buy it and mail it over.

Making use of Other Currency

How are those Emblems treating you? Have enough of them? Have you long since run out of things to use erroneous badges on? Luckily there is always something to buy, and that just happens to be epic gems. Trading in 20 Emblems of Heroism (of all things) in exchange for a Cardinal Ruby which can then be turned into anywhere from 90-150 gold, depending on the day. Sounds pretty win. And depending on your server prices, other epic gems only cost 10 badges, which can net you more money if your server prices for those gems are at least half of what the Cardinals sell for.

And let’s not forget glorious Crusader Orbs, which seem to still sell well, and if you happen to be a raider doing extremely well, 23 Emblems of Frost can net you a Primordial Saronite which ends up being hundreds of gold.

And lucky for us, emblems are not the only currency that can become “useless” after getting enough it. Running over people in battlegrounds can be quite profitable as well. For the low, low price of 10,000 honor you can once again buy shiny Cardinal Rubies which turns into glorious gold.

Frozo the Renowned

Frozo the Renowned. He likes Frozen Orbs.

And now we can use those bountiful Frozen Orbs to exchange for all manner of trade goods from Mr.  Frozo.

The Glory of the Tradeskills

My wife always takes double gathering professions. She loves leveling characters, doesn’t raid, and does TONS of quest. Therefore she has plenty of time to pick-up about a bajillion random items and gather ludicrous amounts of trade materials. And I can’t question her methods because she has tons of gold, enough to do whatever she wants.

In Burning Crusade I was an Alchemist/Herbalist but I switched to jewelcrafting and Alchemy back when jewelcrafting-only gems matched other sockets because it rocked (and I still think it does at this point). So while my Death Knight is still a miner, as is my Warrior, my Hunter who is the primary moneymaker for my character family, he doesn’t gather any raw materials.

Jewelcrafting can generate even the laziest of players money, depending on your outgoing expenditures. An Alchemist specialized in Transmutation who remembers to make themselves some gems every day can easily make a few hundred gold in a short amount of time. For the price of a single Eternal Fire and Scarlet Ruby you can sell what is generally accepted as the most expensive epic gem.

The safety in the jewelcrafting market is that people are always getting upgrades, therefore always need gems.

If you are feeling ambitious and want to invest a bit of money, uncut gems generally are cheaper than their cut brethren can easy by turned into a tidy 20g profit (or more, mileage on your server may vary). The safety in the jewelcrafting market is that people are always getting upgrades, therefore always need gems. And while people need enchants as well, getting new chest armor with 3 sockets is a guarantee that some jewelcrafter, somewhere, is having their gems put to use.

There is rarely a day when I list cut gems on the Auction House and I don’t receive the “A Buyer has been found” message within an hour. But to be fair, Illidan is a HUGE server with a massive population. As I mentioned before, your mileage may vary depending on your server and faction population.

Alchemy is a much trickier beast to deal with. To be honest, I have not used Alchemy in the past month or so to make money due to hugely inflated herb prices. There are still plenty of people doing their own gathering and selling Flasks for cheaper than the raw materials cost. It does appear that they are slowly starting to creep down, and using the aforementioned Frozen Orb vendor, I have been stocking up on Frost Lotuses (Lotii?) in order to replenish my personal stock and for resale.

Obviously the most important thing to consider is the price your Flasks, Potions, or Elixirs can sell for and than calculate whether or not the cost of materials warrants their creation.

Flask of the North

Flask of the North, along with Endless potions saves money!

I also consider Alchemy a money-saver in a sense as a raider. Being a Mixologist which comes with being a rocking potion-brewer not only increase the effectiveness of your delicious drinks, it also doubles the duration of your Flasks. The math there isn’t difficult. I only buy one Flask for every two the rest of my raid uses. Not to mention the perma-mini-health potion and mana potion along with the mini-Flask. According to my Armory, I have consumed my Endless Healing Potion 2585 times.

Would I have replaced that with a real potion every time? Not at all. But I am sure there are times I would have used a normal potion instead of selling them on the Auction House.

Now I am nowhere near the gold cap. But my Horde characters have never gone without, so to speak. While I am sure none of this information is new, it has provided me with a very healthy stream of income for all my characters and their gear.

I didn’t record any videos this evening, but tomorrow we are doing heroic Plague wing and finishing up through Lich King with a few more heroic modes on fights I feel comfortable enough using Fraps.

Until then, thoughts, comments, etc. Down there!

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