The Perils of Hunter Upgrades

One tool that we have talked about many times in the past, and bears reminding again, is the existence of the the Hunter Spreadsheet. Originally and lovingly known as Cheeky’s Spreadsheet, is alive and well, and currently exists in a much more accessible format over at Female Dwarf. And I have been busy plotting out upgrades for myself to further push my ability to mow down the bad guys!

But unfortunately, it’s a problem in its current scenario. And that problem is that I can’t break 2-piece Tier 9. Chances are if you are a Hunter, and you load yourself into the spreadsheet, take almost any combination of gear and make two pieces of set gear Tier 9 you will find yourself seeing a theoretical DPS increase.

I have a pair of Handgrips of Frost and Sleet sitting in my bags at the current moment. And even though the stats are a bit hotter than my Tier 9 gloves, I need to keep my bonus in place. Another problem exists with my T9 pants which have Armor Penetration on them and the tier 10 pants which have haste instead. Ah, the joys of gear choices.

It is keeping me pigeon-holed into what gear upgrades are accessible to me. In reality, Blizzard just needs to adjust Serpent Sting to be to have critical strike without the need for a set bonus. And while I realize that would negate the Tier 9 bonus, but in the long run who really cares?

If there is one thing I am cursed with this expansion is my inability to get trinket upgrades. Don’t look at my trinkets. They are embarrassing. But I can definitely say that my investment in a Darkmoon Card has definitely paid off. I’ve tried my hardest to get trinket upgrades. I even run Forge of Souls once a day (before and after my break) attempting to get a Scorpion. But alas, it still eludes me. You know who does have one? My Warrior, that’s who!

I’ve tried GDKP runs for Death’s Choice but of course it didn’t drop. I’ve tried buying it from people who won the roll in PUGs.  I was the second-highest roller on a Deathbringer’s Will. The Whispering Fang Skull doesn’t exist.

As it stands, I have exactly 95 Emblems of Frost sitting on Drotara, waiting for the next purchase. Decisions, decisions. Thoughts, comments, suggestions on upgrades available for Frost badges welcome!

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