I’m Not Dead Yet.

*tap* *tap*

(There is a video farther down the post that might auto-play. Pause it if you want.)

Is this thing on?

Oh hello there everyone. I am most certainly not dead yet. Alive and well, doing … things. Let me catch you up on what’s going on over in the life of Drotara. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what my wife and I know that the baby on the way is a boy. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, the baby on the way is a boy. We are extremely excited and are in the midst of house conversion in preparation for October.

I had taken a small hiatus from logging into WoW to do some other things. Like playing a lot of the WoW card game. In fact, I even made a trip to the WoW TCG Nationals in Vegas a couple weeks ago. And while I bombed out on Day 1 with a very sad/hilarious story why, it was fantastically entertaining, which I shall save for another day! You can see a non-Orcish Drotara hiding in the bottom left corner of this image. Tall lanky guy wearing the Jinx Hellscream shirt.

Good times.

I’ve been teaching a lot at a local community college during the evenings which has prevented me from doing anything on at least two evenings a week. Wednesdays has been relegated to heading down to my local shop and playing games, which lately has been Dungeon and Dragons Encounters.

And then lately I’ve been getting that itch again. The one to log in. The one to play. My wife started logging in again. She got her Hunter to 80. I log in, and just to taunt me even more, I queue up for one random heroic and what happens?

I get sent to Halls of Reflection and subsequently win a Battered Hilt. Seriously? It’s like Blizzard is thinking “So you pulled out your WoW hooks eh? Let us just jam ‘em back in again.”

And well, it’s working. My classes I teach are ending next week. I am tempted to see if I can find a raiding guild that runs Monday through Thursday or any combination of those days. It’s not like I had run from Blizzard. I had been happily playing the Starcraft 2 beta up until they shut it down.

And with E3 going on, there have been announcements that also have me giddy. I am mainly referring to all the awesome stuff that Bioware is tossing our way in the way of The Old Republic. (And Portal 2 of course) There is no denying that I am a Star Wars kid. Without a shadow of a doubt. And the stuff that has come out the past few days has me giddy. Combat videos, cinematic trailers, and the fact everyone has starships has made me squee with excitement.

Sorry about the auto-play. Silly Bioware.

But that’s not saying Cataclysm doesn’t look great. And Old Republic is slated to be released in Spring of 2011, so we have plenty of time. Starcraft 2 hits next month as well, so there is plenty of things to keep me busy.

I think my lack of posting in the last little while has just been due to me needing a break from everything. My small hiatus from logging into WoW, time spent on Twitter, etc. I was still around, just half unplugged for a while. But I am still here, and I think I am in the mind set again where I want to post more and return the blog to its former glory. Whether its all WoW, or if it will shift to the Old Republic in 2011, who can say. But I do know I enjoy running the site and the time off has been recharging my vigor for it.

I think my real problem was making the New Year’s Resolution to post more. I mean, who keeps their New Year’s Resolutions anyways?

Well, I hope you guys are still around. That’s all for now!


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