Illidan PUGs and Gear Score

After logging on to Illidan I have to spend the first 10 minutes reporting the ridiculous spammers. I am sure this is a problem on other servers, but on higher population servers, such as Illidan, it is rampant and can make chat intolerable.

Once you filter out the sheer number of idiots you can start looking for groups that are trying to fill up without using 49 subsequent chat lines with a macro. And as it has always been, Illidan has no small amount of high-quality PUGs. Sure, there is always the chance your group might fail. Like the ToC25 I joined the other day that completely and utterly failed on Faction Champs. Pro Tip: If the Hunter with a interrupt on a 30-second cooldown is number 3 on interrupts, your melee is doing it wrong.

But last night I was lucky and found a group doing ICC25. I joined and was summoned into the raid instance and became wary when it asked me if I wanted to be saved. But since both tanks were rocking 68,000 HP, I figured I would give it a shot. We knocked out what my server likes to call heroic funship, and proceeded to knock out Deathbringer, Festergut, Rotface, and Blood Princes in one shot. We were going to go bust out Dreamwalker but one of the tanks and a couple healers had to head out for the evening.

I was lucky enough to win the token off of Deathbringer so I was able to upgrade my headpiece to the i264 version.

I know the buff in Icecrown is massive, providing 25% to everything across the board, but it makes me feel better when I am able to out-perform folks who out-gear me. Especially considering the sad state my trinkets are in.

Recount after RotfaceThe argument for gear score is a topic that has been beaten to death by the community. People for it, people against it, etc. Regardless of what you think of it, the community continues to use it. Especially on large population servers, it is extremely rare to see groups that are not asking for achievements and Gear Score. Even if they only use it as a precursor if they decide to Armory you.

As Hunters we know that our 2-piece Tier 9 is incredibly important, out-weighing higher item level items in favor of keeping that bonus in place. But there is something that makes me smile when I crush another Hunter who obviously out-gears me. And I crush him by a solid 3,000 DPS.

After my small hiatus of playing, coming back and getting in good raid groups has reminded me how much fun it is when it is with competent people. And knowing that I am not too rusty.

So the site has been getting my love lately. Updating WordPress, updating the theme, adding in the ability to comment using Facebook Connect, setting up the Facebook fan page, dividing things up into more pages, such as General Macros, Hunter Macros, and Death Knight Macros. I added my Twitter feed if you are into the whole Twitter thing.

I cleaned up my blogroll, removing sites that have been dead for a long time now, as well as removed a ton of unused or redundant tags. The search results page looks better and actually functions properly. I even got around to adding Wowhead tooltips again.

I have the goal of getting Kingslayer, one way or another. I want to see Arthas die. All this build up from the Warcraft story would make me upset if I missed it.

So yeah. Back in the saddle. Hopefully you guys are still around!

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