Starcraft 2 and my Projects

Well it is no secret that I haven’t been playing WoW that much. There are a lot of reasons for this. First and foremost is time. Work during the day, teach classes at night 2 days a week, and spend the weekend with friends and family. Which leaves me Monday and Wednesday.

Also I got my Starcraft 2 beta invite. Woo! It’s like Blizzard knows I haven’t logged in their game for a while so the entice me with a beta for a new one. Well it worked with flying colors.

And I have been in such an awesome development mood. Writing code, designing things. Creative juices flowing. You see, I have this dream of making card and board games for a living. Sitting on my computer are the ideas and plans for at least a couple different games. In fact, my senior capstone project was creating a card game. Designed it, wrote the rules, created the cards, ran playtesting, and everything else involved in creating a successful game.

But after I graduated I got married and needed the ability to pay the bills. And sitting around making games wasn’t going to keep the lights on. But I am feeling creative and I feel like making things. So I have started (very basically) creating If you aren’t using Firefox 3.6 I wouldn’t bother looking. I haven’t bothered writing alternative styles for the other browsers yet.

But in my grand scheme of things, I create a platform to distribute my printed games, provide a forum for discussion and then proceed from there.

And of course play Starcraft 2. And take screenshots. And write about it. So much to do. And I do want to finish my Mass Effect 2 playthrough on Insanity. I think one reason I have enjoyed playing ME2 so much is for the challenge. I am not quite halfway through the Insanity difficulty and I have come across some difficult parts that I have had to throw myself at a few times before I got through it.

So that’s . . . .  the plan. I’ll keep you updated.

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