Saving the world . . . in Mass Effect 2.

I finally was able to pick-up my copy of Mass Effect 2 and I am way loving the game. Let me try to explain how much I enjoyed Mass Effect. Despite some major flaws that would ruin most games, I weathered through it to finish the game. And finish the game I did . . . . 4 times. I just became obsessive compulsive about hitting the Quick Save key.

But Mass Effect 2 is not without it’s problems. So far I have encountered one, but it was pretty big. Mass Effect 2 has major issues saving games if your ‘My Documents’ folder is not in its default location apparently. This was a problem with Mass Effect 1 but yet had no problem in Dragon Age. Go figure.

Unfortunately I only “discovered” this issue about 2 hours into my first playthrough when I finally died and the game refused to load any of my saves. My obsessive saving habits from ME1 were still with me and the game even displayed a ‘Saving Game’ notification too. Needless to say, it was super frustrating.

Finally, after about 2 hours trying to browse their forums (which are still in beta by the way and lack an easy method to get to their search feature) I was able to coerce it into saving my games. And then the fun began.

Mass Effect 2 fixes tons of the things people didn’t like in ME1. Mako combat, galaxy and planet exploration, inventory system, load times, and other things all have been greatly improved. The game loads remarkably quick and to me it feels like it runs smoother despite the graphic upgrades.

I am also impressed at the number of tie-ins from Mass Effect 1. I haven’t progressed very far in the game yet but the number of characters I have interacted with from ME1 has been awesome. While most of it doesn’t have any true bearing on the main quest, so many other side quests and events have been related to decisions from the first game.

And so far I am absolutely loving the voice acting. In fact, I think the only way this voice cast could be any more geek-friendly was if they had included Felicia Day. I mean, come on now. Sarah from Chuck. Jayne/Casey from Firefly/Chuck. Tricia Helfer from oh, let’s see . . . Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, and StarCraft 2. And Seth Green. It’s awesome.

The story has been great thus far. While still tied in to the first game, its not just a re-hash in any sense, which is great. There a whole slews of new enemies as well as the familiar races and baddies. All the old races make an appearance in addition to new friends. You see Batarians around a lot more, which you might remember from the ‘Bring down the Sky’ downloadable content from the first game if you played it.

And because I picked up Mass Effect 2, I haven’t even gotten in my weekly ICC10 or my weekly raid quest yet and it’s Monday night! And I am not even worried about it. I don’t know what it is about the Mass Effect world, but it just sucks me in. I loved Dragon Age, but Mass Effect owns my soul comparatively speaking.

As I mentioned, I am not very far in yet, but I am hoping some of the old characters play slightly more important roles then they currently are. And the fact some of them are questioning my motives considering what happened in the first game is quite saddening.

I know one thing I am excited about, which I read on the forums, is the ability to keep questing after the main story line is completed. It was one thing I loved about Oblivion and was kind of bothered about in ME1 and DA:O. Sometimes you just don’t get to do everything but then the game ends.

Well, that’s my ramblings for now. Thoughts, comments, opinions. Played Mass Effect 2 yet? Plan to? Leave your comments!

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