Have fun storming the castle!

“Think it’ll work?”
“It’ll take a miracle.”

I finally found a competent 25-man ICC PUG last night. But at the same time, it probably wasn’t fair to call it a PUG. Not when it was with 15 members from Team Ice. Don’t let that rank fool you either. They are generally regarded as the second best raiding guild on our server, and considering how good our server is, that’s really good.

We cleared both Festergut and Rotface and took 2 attempts at the Blood Princes before calling it a night, with our best wipe at 13%. I am Less than 4,000 reputation away from getting my Exalted Ashen Verdict ring which I am excited for.

In other news, the hot-fixed Resilience change is adjusting our plans for the next Arena season. According to some posters on Arena Junkies and other places, well-geared Paladins are nigh-unkillable. Many speculate that the next super comp will be Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, and Warrior.

Why? Because you probably can’t kill them. To be fair, if it becomes the case, Blizzard claims that they have another hot-fix waiting for healers in case they become to overpowered with this change. And there is a lot of speculation on what it could be. I mean, they did just double the effect of resilience, so did they come up with that keeps players in a more “wounded state”, as they wanted, and still nerf the ability of healers from being invincible?

Depending how things pan out will determine what spec I use for Arenas. Currently I have two PvE specs, one Survival and one Marksmanship depending on what I feel like playing and depending what the raid needs. Considering I do a lot of 10-mans lately, I did opt to pick up Trueshot Aura in case no one else in the raid has it. But I’ve been happy with my performance in both specs.

My Internet connection has been awful for the past few weeks but it finally seems as Comcast *might* have fixed it. So this week I will try to Fraps some videos for everyone. I haven’t cut together a video in a while so I am kind of itching to make another. If it seems like my connection will hold up, I will do my best to get some ICC videos.

Thoughts, comments, Arena plans, etc. Post ‘em!

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