A New Resolve

The site has been neglected. And I feel bad about it. I am playing WoW as much as I have before yet I haven’t made a post in . . . .  too long. So my new belated New year’s Resolution for my site is to get my posting frequency back to at least a few times a week. There is new content, new gear, new Arena seasons and plenty of other exciting stuff to cover. I am going to make sure that QQ gets back into the swing of things.

So to start off, let’s get reacquainted. I am currently not in a raiding guild. But that hasn’t stopped me from picking up some new loot. Not in the slightest. So let’s employ the awesome new Armory features to show off how sexy I can be!

And the Hunter isn’t the only guy gearing up! My Death Knight has 40,000 HP unbuffed in his tank gear. A new cloak is incoming this week from Frost badges. My Warrior has become a heroic all-star and is dual wielding Tyrannical Beheaders, rocking both Triumph rings, off-set 245 helm and shoulders, and even some other odds and ends. I also got myself over 31,000 gold. And that feels nice.

I haven’t been able to replace my Hunter’s trinkets yet, as I consistently lose rolls on Death’s Choice, and anything else that ever drops. But alas, what can you do? The Scourge Strike nerf hurt my Death Knight’s 2v2 viability pretty significantly but myself and Freshmaker are now eagerly looking for a Shaman to join us for 3v3 with my Hunter rather than focusing on my Death Knight again.

What also is interesting is how much my battlegroup hates my server (Illidan) and Cho’gall, as evidence by this thread. I’ll give it one thing, my server has a large number of idiots, trolls, and ninjas. But that is to be expected when you have a server that has high a population as Illidan. But our PUG scene is more progressed than some servers raiding guilds. As you can see here Illidan is doing alright. But its probably not as happy for you if you are Alliance, as current estimates show Horde being up 2:1, we control WG at least 75% of the time, among other things.

While my PUGs as of late have had a somewhat rough time on Rotface (mainly due to off-tanks who have never had to kite in their life) I foresee that trend changing soon. At least I would like to hope so. 2% was our best attempt so far. A frustrating wipe to say the least.

While work is still a challenge, I am currently teaching part time at a local community college which I enjoy quite a bit, but unfortunately doesn’t pay enough to be my only job. I also started developing my own WordPress theme which you can check out here. Still very much a work in progress (view in Firefox if at all possible).

So expect more posts, more videos, and generally me being back as posting as frequent as I can. And as always, thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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Drotara (or BehemothDan) considers himself a geek on many levels. A web developer and programmer by trade, he has no shortage of geeky hobbies. When not fulfilling husband and daddy duties, he enjoys WoW, the WoW TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and great board games with friends and family.