The Holiday Season In-Game

There is at least one other blogger out there who doesn’t seem to embrace the spirit of the season. Which is, of course, fine. Everyone can choose to celebrate how they wish. If you are a reader of WoW blogs, you can probably guess which one is against giving gifts. None other Mr. Greedy Goblin. He is a firm believer of “if its lootable, sell it.” Of course it’s more complicated than that but you get the idea. But for this situation, it was this post that I read that prompted my response.

I love giving gifts. In-game and out-of-game, as I imagine a lot of you do. On my friend’s birthday a bit ago I bought him the pattern and materials for the Ulduar leather boots. Why not? I value his friendship and whether others might believe it or not, there is more to life than making money and/or gold.

So here is my other story. Back many moons ago, in vanilla WoW when I was a Warrior on Deathwing I would go the AH, buy a bunch of raw materials and random items and wrap them with the in-game wrapping paper. I would also craft a lot of random items with my blacksmithing and add it to my present pile.

I would then advertise in trade chat that I was giving away presents to whoever could find me in Ironforge (that’s when Ironforge was still all the rage due to the AH). And as people found me, I would give them a present at least remotely related to their class and level. What did I get out of this? Not too much, except a smile when people were genuinely excited about what they got from my presents as the idea of twinking and numerous alts was still lost on most people considering not many people were 60 yet.

Months later, maybe over a year later, as my guild is rockin’ the Deathwing raiding scene, someone how we got on the topic of people in the guild and all kinds of other shenanigans. And one of our Paladins, named Gull,  says that I was the reason he joined our guild. I asked him why and this is what he said:

Months ago when he was like a level 38ish Paladin around Christmas he saw me advertising my presents in Ironforge and he came and found me. And the present he unwrapped was a pair of Truesilver Gauntlets that I had crafted. He was so excited to get those last 2 levels so he would wear them. He said from that point on he knew he wanted to be in Ravencrest Watch with me, it had that much of an impression on him.

And I am glad it did, because Gull was one of the most hilarious people I have ever talked to and he always was able to make people laugh. I hope he went on to do comedy or something because the kid was hilarious. He was responsible for putting together the soundboard of our raid leader who happened to by one of my real-life friends. All the hilarious things Gull said through our time in RCW to being a great paladin was more than worth the gold I spent on crafting a pair of gloves that I gave to a random lowbie one night near Christmas.

Now I am not against making gold. Having a decent amount to pay for things such as enchants, gems, consumables, etc are all very important in the game. But *most* people who try to amass great wealth also would like the finer things to go along with it. Mechano-hogs, vanity pets, other mounts, etc. After all, if all you want are the bare necessities, you don’t need to be at the gold cap to do that.

And while I try to learn from some of Gevlon’s teaching about certain things, there are somethings I generally ignore. I ignore his Morons of the Week posts because it has no content that interests me in the slightest, and I will definitely disagree with him on his thoughts about gifts.

Regardless of how you celebrate the season, try to embrace it for what it is, putting side the commercialism. As for me, I think my Orc is going to don my green Winter’s Veil outfit and go give some bags and glyphs to some lowbies out in the world.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great holiday!

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