Keeping busy! Icecrown incoming!

Posts are few lately, I know. I haven’t had the opportunity to do much raiding lately for a few reasons. One, Dragon Age absorbed a couple weeks as you no doubt could tell from some previous posts. Also, I am currently teaching as adjunct faculty at a local college during the evenings, which has prevented me from jumping into a real raiding guild again despite some friggin’ awesome offers from outstanding guilds.

But I am still playing! Finally, friggin’ finally, I finished my Chef achievement. I was so distraught by the fact the recipes I needed came from Shattrath cooking dailies as a random drop in a barrel of fish it kind of killed my motivation. But I have it now!

My Death Knight is about to break 2000 in 2s, which should happen tonight. Not bad for starting halfway through the season and never PvPing as a Death Knight before. Sure, we lose straight up to a Warlock/Druid who doesn’t commit some grave error, but other than that, we are doing alright for playing 10 games a week.

For more “light-hearted” gameplay I have a baby Druid who is running around lowbie BGs, capping bases and running flags. You can see him in the secksy screenshot above. Ain’t he precious? 1500 HP in human form ain’t too bad when you aren’t really twinking. Sure, he’s got tons of BoA gear, but who doesn’t?

Icecrown is on the verge of release. Some expect tomorrow. Maybe another week. Either way, it’s close. And we know this is the last major patch of the expansion. This was stated at Blizzcon (not the last one, but the year before) I think, where Blizzard said all major content patches for Wrath were already mapped out and they knew what was going in them in terms of content. So Icecrown is our last hurrah before Cataclysm.

I don’t know about you, but I was sad not to see a troll instance this time around. And by troll instance, I mean troll raid. Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman wanted another friend in my opinion! :)

Warbull’s Druid is level 80, and although he has crap gear at the moment, hopefully I will convince him to do 2s with Mr. Hunter. One of my younger brother’s started playing WoW, which is exciting! He made his account as a trial and got two characters to 20 before I could do Recruit-a-friend, so no Zebra for me. But hey, the family that plays together stays together! :)

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