Everything I know about Dragon Age I learned from WoW.

  1. Dragons breath fire and swing their tails. Don’t stand near them if you are not a tank!
  2. Don’t stand in the fire! Or ice. Or lightning. AoE in general.
  3. DPSing too early will pull aggro and get your group killed!
  4. Sometimes you have to crowd control!
  5. Have enough consumables for the dungeon you are heading to!
  6. Rep grinds are necessary for certain elements of the game. Get ‘em done!
  7. Can’t find something? Read your quest log/journal.
  8. Need gold? Loot everything! Some vendor somewhere wants to buy it.
  9. Make sure you pick up all the quests in the area before you head out.

But always remember . . . .  someone is going to die in a fire.

Feel free to add your own if you have found a universal truth from WoW that has carried over to other games.


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