2v2 doesn’t matter anymore . . .

But that didn’t stop Freshmaker and my Death Knight from throwing down for the sake of picking up rated gear. While we are only rocking at 1827, we kid of stopped pushing for rating once we hit 1800. But a lot can be learned from Arena. Some bloggers you may or may not be familiar with are terribly anti-PvP in this game. Which to me seems silly. I don’t roleplay at all, but if I did I imagine my characters would probably be something along this chain of thinking:

Drotara the Hunter: For the Warchief. And by Warchief, I mean Thrall. I have a plethora of tabards to choose from but I choose my Orgrimmar tabard from the Argent Tournament over all of them. We’ll see what happens when Mr. Generic Rage takes over the reigns of the Horde. He’s a proud Orc.

Dratara the Warrior: I can see this guy totally being down with Garrosh’s line of thinking. You know what’s a great method of crowd control? Death. Pretty effective. I have no desire to do the honor grind on that character but he has enough honorable kills to show he has no issues punching folks in the face. Sure, he may have been Alliance for almost all of them but dang it, he always wanted to be Horde.

Arathos the Death Knight: He’s pretty apathetic it seems. Maybe my imagination hasn’t conjured up his attitude towards things like it has for the other two folks. He’ll come into his own eventually.

I love PvP. Battlegrounds, world PvP, and Arena. Each one is its own beast with its own nuances. I love battlegrounds on my Hunter. If there is one thing I am excited for in Cataclysm is the idea that I can play rated battlegrounds. Give me room to run and kite and there are not many classes I am worried about.

Stick me in a box and in most cases I prefer the Death Knight, at least in 2v2 right now. I haven’t tried finding any competitive teams for my Hunter this season. But you learn a lot. Such as Death Knight/Holy Paladin feels like a hard counter to Rogue/Mage. Frost Presence when the gate opens and we have lost maybe one game to that comp in 1000 rating or so.

Change that team to a Warlock/Druid and it feels like the only way we win is if we severely outplay them or the Druid over-extends and ends up screwing up. There is a lot to be learned from Arena about how abilities interact with each other, what works against what, and things. For example, most people miss all that Anti-Magic Shell is capable of. Not only does it absorb magic damage, it prevents harmful magic effects from being applies. This includes Polymorph and Cyclone if you use it pre-emptively.

We’ve played a couple 3v3 games as Holy Paladin/MM Hunter/Frost Mage. Not the ideal comp but it’s the first time for Arena for some folks and a lot can be learned about Arena even at the low brackets as you work your way up. As I’ve told some other real-life friends, the nuances and playstyles you will find in Arena are different than anything else in this game. You may go in thinking about certain classes in one light only to see them entirely different when you stick them in that box.

Season 8 will show a renewed Hunter effort in Arena. And while my Warrior is almost exalted with all the BGs, I swear if they implement the title “the Defiler” as the Arathi Basin exalted reward due to their adjustment of meta-achievements I will be in Arathi Basin non-stop until I can be known as “Drotara the Defiler.”

But that title may just be too cool for a BG reputation reward.

In other news, outside of it’s sometimes long load times and some wonky AI every now and then, Dragon Age is awesome. You should be able to see my recent accolades here.

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