League of Legends. Yes, yes it is DotA.

And it has an awesome acronym. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I only recently noticed that it was in open beta due to the gigantic ad plastered on Wowhead the other night. And being as much a fan of DotA as the next person I was more than willing to try it out. In case you aren’t familiar with League of Legends, essentially the guy who made DotA got hired to make it into a stand-alone game. During some interviews he mentioned there were things that he wanted to do that he just couldn’t do solely with triggers and scripting inside Warcraft 3.

My Summoner Profile

My Summoner Profile

And it shows. Already League of Legends feels very polished and I’ve had a blast playing it the past couple days. Everything from the more intuitive shop interface that makes buying items a breeze, the recommended items to purchase for you chosen champion (as they call them), more user-friendly targeting mechanism while in-game, among other things all makes it feel exactly as it should. A more polished, refined version of Defense of the Ancients.

League of Legend Talents Trees

League of Legend Mastery Trees

In addition to familiar awesome gameplay, they introduced the idea of a persistent “summoner.” Each game you get to pick a new champion if you so desire. But your account can be leveled up in ways very familiar to WoW players. Talent trees, glyphs, etc. All adds up to a fairly complete package. It’s still in beta so things like the glyphs are still under development as well as the addition of multiple maps. But it does have a number of obviously required features such as a buddy list, win/loss stats, and how many times someone has left a game which I am sure many DotA players will appreciate.

League of Legend Champions

League of Legend Champions

If you have the desire to try it out, hop over to their site and add Drotara to your friend’s list.


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