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So I’ve been getting some press content in my email lately about Dragon Age Origins. I feel all important and stuff. And I keep no secret that I am a Bioware fan. I loved KOTOR. I’ve played through Mass Effect 5 times now, finishing my 6th to unclock a couple more achievements. I love their games. I think they do a phenomenal job.

And from what I have seen, Dragon Age is really shaping up to be amazing. I love fantasy games over science-fiction games in general just because I enjoy that type of content more. But as I stated, I did play Mass Effect almost 6 times now.

Sten Rage- Dragon Age Origins

Sten Rage- Dragon Age Origins

Now as a fantasy RPG goes, Dragon Age has some pretty big shoes to fill. I loved Elder Scrolls Oblivion. I played through that game twice as well. I enjoyed its leveling system, how gorgeous the game was, and a lot of the finer details that were included. Walking through cities and hearing NPCs talk about your latest endeavors as you walked past, having NPCs go through daily routines which included them *not* standing in the same spot for 24 hours a day.

But I know what I also liked about Mass Effect and KOTOR. I enjoyed the combat systems that they implemented and the squad controls, which I hear are being improved in Mass Effect 2.

And I know what I don’t like about Oblivion, ME, KOTOR, Fallout, and other games. Their terrible terrible inventory systems and certain UI elements. I realize some of them had to design something that would also work on a console controller. Having the ability to only keybind 2 abilities at a time was painful in Oblivion. Scrolling through a list of gear in Mass Effect was tedious.

But none of that stopped the games from being great. Dragon Age Origins comes out in a month or so and I am pretty excited. Who knows, maybe one day I will be special enough to actually get to preview games!

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