Ain’t found a way to kill me yet.

I am alive and kicking. Don’t let the lack of updates fool you. And just because the posts have been slow coming doesn’t mean I haven’t continued taking names.

Currently I am not in a “raiding guild” since I am teaching classes as an adjunct faculty member at a local community college. It ties up my evenings a couple nights a week. But considering that Illidan is now the number one PvE-progressed server in the United States, finding groups isn’t exactly difficult.

As you can see over on my Armory that my gear is nothing to scoff at. Although my gemming is ugly. But that is being remedied. I recently picked up the heroic version of the Sunreaver Ranger’s Helm and the fact it has 50 hit on it is letting me replace pretty much everything with good ‘ol Cardinal Rubies. Since it has a blue socket and a +8 Agility socket bonus, a Nightmare Tear was the perfect fit for it.

I am taking my time because I am waiting to regem everything until I transmute all the rubies myself. Overall I will lose the massive ArP found on my Dragonstalker’s Helm but end up gaining like 60 Agility. My funds have dropped to “dangerously low.” OK, not really. I am down to 25k gold, much lower than I would like to be. This is all attributed to me slacking off in the glyph world. My Priest is almost solely funding all my characters with glyphs and epic off-hands with Drotara chipping in a Cardinal Ruby pretty much every day.

All the Lotuses on the AH have sky-rocketed, making flasks non-profitable for the time being. But my sudden dip in gold can be attributed to a few things. Mainly, massive gearing on the part of my Death Knight and Hunter. My little ‘ol tank is rocking 36,300 HP without any buffs. And all that tanking gear requires enchants! And gems.

My Warrior is still rocking face in the 70-79 bracket. Check out that secksy beast. Warlocks still like to blow him up though. Sometimes. If they don’t get 2-shot. Which a lot do. I may not hit as hard as some, but he keeps on truckin’.

Also a real-life friend of mine transferred over to Illidan (friggin’ finally) in the form of the Rogue Yaumer. I bought him the materials and the pattern for the Footpads of Silence for his birthday.

Another contributing factor was my wife wanted to borrow 3,000 gold for her third alts epic flying. While her Paladin was still over on Silver Hand rocking 12,000 she didn’t have quite so much on Illidan. And any of you married folks know that when she said borrow 3,000 gold she actually meant give me 3,000 gold.

So I did.

Two weeks ago me and 2 guys from Really Good At This Game put together a 10-man Trial of the Grand Crusader. Trade chat PUG, found a couple good folks from one guild and a few others and went to town. And by went to town I mean we finished with 49 attempts left after a heart-breaking wipe at 17% on Anub’arak. The following week was slightly less inspiring since we accomplished it with 44 attempts left. So close yet so far away. Not bad for a PUG though.

I haven’t been sucked into any of the “grass is greener” thinking that has been running rampant with so many people. I’ve talked with people I know in real-life who have tried “other games” recently and their opinions came back exactly as I had anticipated.


In other video game related thoughts, holy crap there are a lot of awesome non-MMOs coming out however. I made a brief post about Dragon Age Origins the other day. Now I get emails from Gamespy and a couple other sites. Most of the time I look at the subject lines and delete them. But yesterday it said “Dragon Age Character Creator.” And that caught my interest.

I downloaded it and it was what I expected. A character creator. It contained the now standard slides and dials to tweak everything from how pointy your character’s nose is to how dark the tattoos on their face are. One night addition was the option to choose between 6 or 7 different voices. Which will be nice so when you play through a couple times which I undoubtedly will, I don’t have to hear the same voice hours on end.

So yeah. Dragon Age Origins. Left 4 Dead 2. Mass Effect 2. Holy awesomeness. And I just finished two of Fallout 3′s downloadable content, which was shorter than I expected but on par with the non-crappy Mass Effect DLC.

But yeah, that’s me at the moment. Trade chat all-star.

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