We’re a proud Orcish family.

Thrall would be proud.

I love playing a Hunter. But you know what I think I love even more than that? Playing Orcs. To me they are always the right race selection. 5% more pet damage? My Death Knight and Hunter say yes please. Free attack power trinket? All 3 of them say yes please. 15% shorter stun duration? 5 more expertise with axes?

You get the idea. And as far as I am concerned they look the best in everything. No dog collars like the Tauren wear. No ankle wraps like the Trolls. No tattered holes like the Undead. I mean, what is even up with that? They find a new piece of armor and throw it under a bus before they wear it?

Blood Elves aren’t even worth mentioning. Buncha girls! I made a troll once. He’s my Shaman I was leveling. But he wasn’t nearly as cool as any of my Orcs, so he is stuck at level 72 until I am convinced he is worth getting to 80. One rare moment of weakness and now the poor Shaman pays the price.

And after all, where would the Horde be without the Orcs? We are the Horde!

My other piece of evidence? The Wrathgate cinematic. If you seen the movie “300″ I like to think of it like that. If you haven’t, watch this short clip:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IReMfvamQ28 (The person who uploaded it disabled the embedding, sorry.)

It reminds of the Wrathgate. (In case  you want to refresh your memory: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/wrathgate.xml)  “Highlord Bolvar, thank the light!” Yadda yadda. Whatever.

And then as the Horde ride down the ramp, Saurfang the Younger yells “Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!” And then like the Spartans from the clip above, the following Orcs respond in unison “FOR THE HORDE!” It gives me the chills. Every time I watch it it reinforces why I want every character to be an Orc.

And with that being said, I took the time to make the following image. Enjoy!

Go Orc or go home!

Go Orc or go home!

Now I kinda wish I had made this a proper vector graphic image because I would totally wear this on a t-shirt.

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