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So I haven’t been able to join a real raiding guild lately. Even though Ciths has started Found up again, which was the guild I raided with through Tempest Keep and Black Temple. I am now teaching night classes at a local college on Monday and Wednesday evenings. But I haven’t let that stop me.

I am still running 10 and 25 man Trial of the Crusader on both my Hunter and my Death Knight. In fact I just picked up my Dexterous Brightstone Ring the other day. If all goes well, we are looking at leggings or shoulders this week, depending if I get a trophy or not.

And after those raids are done, I’ve been gearing out my Death Knight to smash Alliance face. And the occasional Horde face if the queue makes it so. Despite having mediocre PvP gear, using an axe from a heroic and no real second trinket, Freshmaker (aka Warbull) and I climbed up to 1650 last night. And I’ve learned one thing.

I hate Resto Druids. I really do. I know Blizzard has stated that they are no longer going to balance PvP around the 2s bracket at all, which is fine. But man, when we see those gates open and the DPS has Mark of the Wild we both let out a collective shudder.



And yes, I do have an opinion about the Beast Mastery change. I know Beast Mastery DPS was low. Despite any personal anecdotes, mathematically it was inferior to MM and Survival. We all knew it. Blizzard knew it (we hoped) and hoped they fixed.

But you have to wonder was this the right fix? When an entire tree falls so far behind in DPS for a pure DPS class that a flat 10% increased damage buff is what they need to do to fix it, perhaps a deeper look at the tree might be warranted.

But its no secret that this was also in direct response to Beast Cleave. And it really looks like it killed Beast Mastery in the Arena again. Levidia over at Arena Junkies said it best:

Here is where one of many problems lie however… The 10 second duration and the FACT that a BM hunter is the WORST most ineffective arena spec in the game when the hunter/pet aren’t enraged. All the specs eggs are largely in one basket and if you aren’t able to take advantage of that IE forcing that ice block or forcing that pain suppression/BOP, etc you’re going to likely lose the fight during the counter offensive that happens when you’re no longer able to keep up that oppressive offensive damage.

A Disarm/Dismantle during BWrath now will leave the hunter with a mere 5 seconds of total wrath action to try and get something accomplished. This isn’t going to fly and anyone that knows anything about how the spec operates in the arena however face roll it may be will completely die off as an arena spec.

His entire post is really well thought out and I feel is quite accurate. Sure, people may call Beast Cleave faceroll and may argue that RMP takes the skill of a concert pianist to coordinate crowd-control. But regardless of whether or not that is true, not every class has the CC capabilities of that composition. Does that mean no other team should be allowed to be competitive?

I really do enjoy PvP. While a lot of folks generally avoid it for whatever their reasons may be, I frequently take part in it on all my characters (except my Priest, screw PvP healing!). My Level 76 Warrior still has more honorable kills than my Hunter though, which I still find awesome.

And since my beloved Hunter won’t stay viable for more than 2 weeks . . .  I have turned to my Death Knight to fulfill my PvP desires. Although I still love sitting in the back of AV or Isle of Conquest in PvE gear and unloading Explosive Shots into folks.

That just doesn’t get old.

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