Anub’arak and Mass Effect

I wasted no time getting busy after Illidan’s freakishly long downtime. Almost 17 hours. Ah well.

First thing first: Finishing 10-man Trial of the Crusader. While the Anub’arak fight on 10-man is still as easy as the first 4 fights, we then went and tried 25-man and had him as low as 30.3%. The reason 30.5%? After his 4th submerge he will come back up and enrage. well it was a learning experience. We also had some bad DPS so no worries.

The group (well, some of us anyways) are going back tomorrow to finish him off. As the night went on we had to replace some folks with less than ideal candidates. Expect a video of it once we kill him.

I then and went and tackles the new Vault boss. As a Hunter, the fight is pretty much tunnel-vision your feet watching for fire while your fingers dance along your keyboard for your shots. While it’s easy to see how healing intensive this fight is compared to the other Vault bosses it wasn’t that big a deal, as expected.

But I was rewarded with my 9.5 gloves which go nicely with my 9.5 chestpiece. Rock that 2-piece.

On another note, Mass Effect finally got a friggin’ patch. Mass Effect is probably one of my favorite games. I played through it 4 times and plan on playing at least once more on Insane. But it was plagued with an error that caused a game crash in a significant portion of the game-playing population. Well, I did an Nvidia driver update again and patched and I was able to play for 3 hours last night without so much as a hiccup. While the new downloadable content is of questionable depth, it puts in a number of record-keeping competitions. And to me that rocks. Gotta own those scoreboards now.

If you enjoy RPGs and haven’t tried Mass Effect, I highly recommend it. Oh, I am also uploading the Anub’arak intro sequence (although it recorded without sound) for those who don’t mind spoilers and haven’t seen it themselves.

Thoughts, comments, tips on Anub’arak, leave ‘em here! :)

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