Living the Casual Life; Remembering Onyxia

Well 3.2 is alive and kicking. Heroics are being run more frequently then they ever have been. The new 5-man is being run on regular to farm Abyss Crystals and easy epics like there is no tomorrow. Epics gems are far cheaper than I had anticipated, probably because everyone and their dog prepared for it.

And to keep myself busy I have found the glory of Death Knight PvP. I have a lot of folks playing WoW that I know in real life. My wife, my uncle, both of my brother-in-laws, and 3  real life friends. One of them being Warbull who you know if you’ve been reading for a while. Well his Paladin and my Hunter made an attempt at doing the 2v2 bracket. It was miserable. After a dismal performance I decided to give the Death Knight a try. I had a single piece of PvP gear and a trinket. And we went like . . . 6-1.

And while the 2v2 bracket starting next season is *almost* meaningless, it was fun to try and play. I am kind of hoping to try 3v3 Hunter, Ret Pally, Holy Pally (once I break down my friend to transfer). While probably not the most ideal comp in the world, I would rather play with friends than advertise in trade chat.

On top of that I have been playing more alts than I have ever played. It’s crazy! My Shaman, as we speak, is a bubble from 40 and dual wielding the shiny BoA daggers in his bag. My Ret Paladin is 26 and capping flags like a mad man. I have a Mage at level 15 just to play with my lowbie friends. And its been incredibly enjoyable. It has been great having a break from the scheduled raids and having to show up on time and the general hullabaloo of raiding.

But that’s not saying I’ve ignored. So far I’ve PuGed the first 2 bosses on normal 10-man with me as the acting raid leader. While its no 25-man heroic, I’ve at least seen it so far.

And of course we have the monster bomb of Onyxia being revamped for the 5 year anniversary of World of Warcraft. Holy crap, 5 years. I’ve been playing that long. But you know what, despite current day PvP imbalances, epics being tossed around like Halloween candy and the like, I’ve loved it. 5 years of awesomeness.

I remember the first time we stepped foot into Onyxia’s Lair. Wipe after wipe. No raid encounter to this caused me to wipe more often than Onyxia did. It was just so . . .  not like anything else we fought in the game yet. And I tanked her with like . . . . 6,000 life. Back then, tanks learned to stance dance. Our guild had one dwarf priest. He gave me Fear Ward when he could. But other than that, we danced! None of this Berserker Rage in Defensive Stance crap! Spoiled tanks. :)

Tanking Onyxia . . . a  long long time ago.

Tanking Onyxia . . . a long long time ago.

I am quite excited to see some old content revisited, even if it’s just for an anniversary event. It still rocks.

How is 3.2 treating everyone?

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