Wherever I go, trouble follows.

Perhaps I am cursed. Be wary! Lately my guild has once again run into attendance problems among other things. Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that this is definitely not the first post I have written regarding my current guild running into problems.

The interesting thing about it this time was that we were still progressing quite decently. Just last week we knocked out 3 Lights in the Darkness, we continue to farm most of our hard modes that we have accomplished, among other things.

A couple days ago our current raid leader left, taking his 28 Legendary shards with him. That night we still went in, took out 4 Tower FL and XT hard mode with 24 people. Cleared up through Auriaya in preparation for hard mode Keepers the next night and called the raid because a whole lot of folks were going to see Harry Potter.

Raid time came around and we were short 10 people, quite unexpectedly. While we have been recruiting quite a bit, even our apps didn’t show up, which isn’t saying much for the quality of some of our applicants.

It was just surprising to myself and the other remaining officers. We have groups that had put in 10-man Algalon attempts, we fully clear every week with about half the the hard modes down and continuing to progress and we run into attendance problems.

It’s been frustrating to me on a single guild basis and as a whole, as every guild I have been a part of since the start of Burning Crusade has whithered and died.

So I assume I must be carrying around one nasty guild killing karma.

On another note, I have a brother-in-law who plays WoW and is slowly convincing their other brother (“their” I mean him and my wife) to pick up the game to play super casually with us when he has the time. That situation is about the only I can see where I would start a new character from scratch again. :)

So at that, the bumpy ride starts again. Sorry I’ve so quiet as of late. Nothing has been really inspiring me to write. I’ve been playing free online Poker just for kicks and giggles. My wife and I got hooked on watching WSOP reruns while on vacation. I’ve been dinking around in Guild Wars when I feel like it. And I’ve also taken this lull in playtime to freshen up on my CSS, PHP, 3D modelling, etc. I used to be quite fluent in that area. Heh. :)

The last post, regarding Power Auras, came as a request from an email I received so if you want anything specific covered, post it here, in emails, forums, etc. I do my best to respond to everything I can.


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