Keeping busy with . . . Poker?

As our guild fights to keep itself afloat I’ve had to find something to keep myself busy in the downtime. I’ll admit I am not doing as well on my 100k challenge as I would have hoped. Not due to the lack of an ability to make money, but because I am not taking the time to do it. My money is still increasing, up to 30k now. That’s even after buying materials for the Belt of Dragons, regemming after getting a new cloak and some other pieces, and buying new enchants for various pieces.

Our 10-man group is still aiming to knock out hard modes again. While I was on vacation a bunch of them decided to get Rusted Proto-Drakes. And hopefully I can get mine this week. And even if our gorup doesn’t work out, Zenge from Encore has been gracious enough to extend a hand in getting it in case our group fizzles.

I’ve been happy with my numbers recently, including some that I put up in 10-man last night even with other people’s alts in the raid. On XT Deconstructor hard mode I managed to put myself in the top 20 DPS chart in the U.S. for Hunters. Recount showed it being a bit higher with a number that would have put me near 12 or so, but WMO parsed it a bit lower, but still good enough to get on the board. You can see it here if you scroll down to XT. Two of Zenge’s own Hunters are on that list as well. Now if we can get back to repeating our hard mode Thorim kill I might be able to get a crossbow and put up some better numbers.

But in all this time of not WoWing I wanted something to do. So I downloaded PokerStars, set-up an account and started playing free online Poker in my spare time. I’ve played Poker before so its not like I am new to the game. But during our vacation, all the WSOP reruns were on in our hotel after we would get back from our days activities so it made me want to play it a bit.

This weekend our goal is to get Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood and Firefighter in 10-man for our drakes and most likely Vezax hard mode and 0 Lights as well. Should be good times all around.

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I know a lot of news has been coming down the pipeline for 3.2 but I don’t want to be just another site relinking material that you can find on Wow Insider or Mmo-Champion. There are plenty of places to see that information. But once I see some Hunter stuff worth discussing, I will definitely do my best to bring it up.

Till then, thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here!

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