I’m back!

Whew, I’m gone for one week and Blizzard drops all kinds of bombs on us. I come back and see they are working on cross-faction transfers. Holy crap, that’s pretty big.

Then I see that they are removing the ability to get Gladiator, Gladiator weapons, and Gladiator shoulders from the 2v2 Arena bracket. While I have not been participating in Arena at all this season I am not sure how I like this change. I have mixed emotions about 2v2 as it is my preferred bracket of choice when I do play. I prefer the coordination of you and one other person rather than dealing with 3 or 5 but I also know it is the most prone to class imbalances.

Regardless, I am sure there are at least a few folks not thrilled with the change.

As I am still cleaning up the mess of coming home from vacation I haven’t jumped back into any of the finer points of WoW I want to write about yet. So hopefully you’ll bear with me for this post as I share my vacation with ya. :)

Dro and his wife and Laguna Beach

Dro and his wife and Laguna Beach

This first picture is my wife and I down near Laguna Beach where my sister had her wedding. The weather was gorgeous and not too hot which made for a pleasant day.

2 minutes from where we were I discovered that the Laguna Art Museum was where they were hosting the WoW: Emerging Media Exhibit. Had I known that, we would have planned a little more time that day to scope it out.

Me and a couple friends that traveled with us standing next to the N in California

Me and a couple friends that traveled with us standing next to the 'N' in California

At Universal, it’s needless to say that we all geeked out just a bit when we say this:

We geeked out at the site of this.

We geeked out at the sight of this.

I had to actively refrain from making WoW jokes while at the Wild Animal Park. To go along with some of the WoW comics out on the web, I present you with “loltravelform.”

Travel form joke!

Travel form joke!

Gorillas. They think they are so big and tough. They ain’t so big!

Gorillas aint so big!

Gorillas ain't so big!

And this is pretty much the best statue ever.

Best Statue Ever.

Best Statue Ever.

I actually took around 500 pictures and a few videos from Universal and the Wild Animal Park but I figured that would be a bit excessive. But I will wrap this up for now and get back to writing some WoW-related posts. Hope your week was great.

As fun as a vacation is, it’s great to be home. :)

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