Hellfire Ramparts Speed Clear

A challenge put up by Rilgon, Alterac Volley, and Slow Wolf prompted me to try my hand at their competition. Clear the entirety of Hellfire Ramparts as fast as possible. Everything must die.

Now this video didn’t count towards the contest because only after I read it did I see they wanted every item looted as well. Subsequent attempts where I looted everytime off every mob put me 13 sconds behind Rilgon. As you can see from this video, taking the time to loot added about 3 minutes or so on to my total time. If I put in another attempt or so I am sure I can shave off some time.

No one else made videos, they just posted screenshots of their timer. I would have liked to see their methods of handling the pulls. More, less, all at once. Whatever. :)

Regardless, clearing Ramps is easy, but trying to beat the clock was quite enjoyable.

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