Creating your own Power Aura Configs

It seems many people are very interested in creating their own Power Aura configurations. While all the configurations people share, sometimes you just want to style your own to match your UI or meet a specific need that you have.

One of my older posts highlighted Power Auras and what it can do but there definitely seems to be enough of a desire for a more specific walk-through. And that’s what this is going to be.

The first thing we are going to do is to create a config to track a debuff on our target. Once you have Power Auras installed type /powa to bring up the configuration window. Then click on the “New” button to create a new configuration.

The first thing you see after clicking the New button.

The first thing you see after clicking the "New" button.

From that point you want to change the drop-down box that currently shows “Buff” to “Debuff.” For this example we are going to track the Explosive Shot debuff so we can be sure when it has finished ticking.

In case you have more than one Hunter in the raid you will want to check the “Cast by me” option box. This is a handy option as I use it to track my Black Arrow and Serpent Sting but by leaving it unchecked I can track to make sure that Hunter’s Mark is on my target regardless of which Hunter cast it.

Go ahead and type Explosive Shot into the long text box that has the 3 questions marks be default. We are going to use the Explosive Shot icon for this example. So go ahead and uncheck the “Glow” option near the top and check the “Use own Texture” option next to the Activation drop-down box.

Power Auras is finicky about loading up ability icons. The best way I found to make sure it shows up is to close the Power Aura windows, fire a few shots and then re-open Power Auras. If it still doesn’t show up just repeat the process. Eventually it will find the right texture.

If we leave all the other options the same you should see a giant Explosive Shot icon in the middle of your screen like in the screenshot below.

Without adjusting the look, this is the icon we should see.

Without adjusting the look, this is the icon we should see.

For simplicity sake, we’ll just move this icon over to the left side of our screen. Luckily, after Power Auras has located the right icon we can use the “Test” button at the bottom left of the Power Aura configuration window. That way when we edit our configuration we can keep track of where our icon (or other graphic) will be.

For now go ahead and drag the “Position X” slider over to the left until you like where it is. You can edit this all later or simply delete this configuration when we are done.

Now that we have a handy tracker for the tick effect of Explosive Shot, let’s set up a Power Aura configuration to track how many stacks we have from Fury of the Five Flights and notify us when we reach 20.

Once again go ahead and click on the “New” button to create a new configuration. This time we will leave the Activation drop-down box on “Buff.” Instead of using a default icon or one of the Power Aura textures, let’s check the WoW Textures box near the top of our configuration window and use some of WoW’s textures. I opted to use number 8.

The only difference between the configuration I have in the screenshot is I changed the value in the Stacks window to “=20″ since that’s the cap for Fury.

Setting up a config for Fury of the Five Flights

Setting up a config for Fury of the Five Flights

As you can see, when my stacks reached 20 I had that pretty green . . . .  symbol appear in the middle of the screen.

Once 20 stacks is reached the green icon appears.

Once 20 stacks is reached the green icon appears.

Setting up any Power Aura configuration is as simple as combining these steps and mixing and matching what you need it to do. Setting up a timer for anything is as simple as navigating to the timer tab, checking the “Show” box and adjusting the location of the timer similar to how we moved the Explosive Shot icon.

The Animation and Sound tabs are just additional options that are additional “fluff” for the lack of a better term. You can have a sound play when you reach 20 stacks, or when an ability is off of cooldown, you or your pet is low on health, etc. The list goes on.

The Animation tab is for the icons and/or designs that you display with Power Auras. You can have icons pulse, zoom in and out, etc.

I had a request for a Power Aura configuration to track the Singed debuff on Hodir. While I have not had a chance to test this on Hodir yet, if I was to create with just the knowledge I have of Power Auras, I would configure it like this:

A PA Config for Hodirs Singed debuff.

A PA Config for Hodir's Singed debuff.

No icon is appearing yet since I haven’t had a chance to apply the Singed debuff yet so Power Auras cannot find it. This is actually a great idea of a PA configuration and look forward to trying it out next week.

In other news Really Good At This Game managed to get 3 Lights in the Darkness this evening after 5 attempts. While I was on vacation they knocked out Hodir’s hard mode although we missed it this week because Hodir was casting Flash Freeze as the timer ticked over. We know have a full raid day on Monday to put some time into Iron Council hard mode.

Questions, comments, or anything I might have missed feel free to leave a comment or head on over to the forums.

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