Time for Vacation

In about 5 hours I will roll out of bed, my wife and I will go pick up 2 of our good friends and make the drive down to sunny California. Saturday we will spend the day on the beach celebrating my sister’s wedding and the following 5 days will be spent at Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. 3 days at the wonderful world of Disney with the other two woven in between. One night we will head on over to Medieval Times to see if I am doing this whole Argent Tournament thing properly.

Yes, we are just a couple of kids at heart. :)

I will be gone till the 4th of July. I am hoping that on Sunday I can meet up with Mr. Brigwyn for a little meet-n-greet and photo-op.

My original plan was to make a recording of me soloing Ahune tonight. But apparently Feign Death causes him to despawn which was utterly retarded. With my pet still there, there should have been an aggro list still.

See everyone when we get back! Remember if you have any questions or concerns, you can still e-mail me or leave a comment. And of course, feel free to post over on the forums if you need an answer more quickly.

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