Stuff to write about.

It’s funny, I spent all that time figuring out what was causing havoc on the site so I could get it running nice and smooth. And now that I do, I can’t think of anything to cover. The blog has become very raid-centric and there just hasn’t been too much to cover that hasn’t already been beaten to death.

My guild is working on hard modes and as we get them down I want to make some narrative videos going over what’s going on. Tomorrow is another night on Thorim hard-mode, and after last week I am feeling really confident about our performance and the possibility of killing him. Which opens up a world of “holycrappleasedropthecrossbow.”

So until those videos are ready, are there topics people would like to see covered? It doesn’t matter if it’s about Naxxramas or other older raids, certain game or class mechanics, or anything because as it stands, I am drawing a blank.

Leave your thoughts or suggestions in the comments.

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