My Quick Thoughts on 3.2

Well it’s no secret that Blizzard has released tentative patch notes for 3.2. The patch is at least a couple months away in my opinion. Depending how fast Blizzard wants to move with new content you *might* see it in as little time as 4 weeks. But that would require the PTR going up very quickly.

And truth be told, something about the patch notes just doesn’t have me very excited. Usually new content patches reignite my excitement with all the stuff that is to be added but right now it feels lacking.

Just like the community predicted, Blizzard is adding in epic gems to the game. No surprise, we knew it was coming. But the problem I see is Blizzard is so completely and utterly focused on each profession having the exact same available stat points they are afraid to put in anything fun or unique.

I don’t foresee new Blacksmithing weapons or anything like that again because they would be deemed too powerful in the current moment and not in line with what is accessible to other players. So even as they go across the board buffing every profession to compensate for the buff Blacksmithing sockets are getting with the advent of new gems, everything stays the same. Sure, you will squeeze a few more stat points out of it but that’s all.

The Hunter changes were definitely not was I was expecting in terms of Blizzard trying to bring our DPS up to par. Mainly because there is nothing to buff our DPS unless you consider Cat-like Reflexes a PvE talent now with its new reduction on Kill Command.

There were times I loved the RNG where I would see chain Lock and Lock procs during Ignis. Explosive Shot after Explosive Shot. But that’s not going to happen anymore unfortunately. Honestly I am not sure what the reasoning behind this change was since the proc chance was already mathematically pretty low.

At any other point in the game, the separation of traps would have been accepted with open arms. And it’s definitely not a bad thing. However it doesn’t help us outside of being able to trap a player in PvP and still be able to use Black Arrow on another target.

I don’t want to jump the gun and say this all that we will see in terms of changes for our class. 3.2 is a ways off I think and there is plenty of time for Blizzard to address PvE DPS concerns as well as the admittedly low Hunter representation in Arenas.

Roar of Sacrifice might be considered a PvP buff because any use of it in a PvE situation involves you using a non-optimal DPS pet and chances are 20% of the damage your pet absorbs might very well kill it. :)

The changes to pet hit is nice and we’ll see if the Resilience sharing will be enough to make a difference. But ultimately it doesn’t solve our problem of melee classes being able to trounce on us when they get in range. But time will tell.

And it’s not that I am upset at the patch notes or think everything in it is bad, but as a whole it’s not rejuvenating spark for me as some other patches have been. As new information is released about the new instances that all might change though.

As far my goal of 100k gold, I was gone most of the weekend but will managed to put up enough auctions to come home to a full mailbox of money bringing my total to about 22.7k.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em here or in the forums!

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