Yogg-Saron with Commentary

We finally pulled off our 25-man Yogg-Saron kill last night. After 2 nights of wiping we came in Wednesday and knocked it out in 4 attempts. Due to popular demand I decided that video would have more of a narrative rather than a random selection of music. I do my best to outline what’s going on in the video to help get everyone a better understanding of the fights.

I know I am missing Auriaya and General Vezax videos, but there will be plenty of time for those too. :)

So feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, or criticisms in the comments. Or better yet, start up a thread on the forums about your thoughts on the fight, how you handle it or plan on handling it, etc. Collaboration rocks. :)

I uploaded the combat log to WoW Meter Online and you can view it right here. WoWWebStats has toruble parsing Yogg-Saron and I really like WMO chart feature tracking DPS over the course of a fight as well as key elements such as Rapid Fire/Bestial Wraths/etc.


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