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A few comments as well as a few e-mails have been people asking me to upload my UI as a compilation to make it easier to get going. Most of all it’s a desire for the Power Aura set-up. So I decided to do just that. First, let’s go over what’s in the UI package, talking about what I am using.

What you will not find is a bar mod or a buff mod. I use to rip my UI apart changing everything I could. But if there was one thing that crippled people’s game play after a patch it was a broken bar mod. I decided to just use the default bars so I know I never have to worry about them breaking again.

Also I use the default buff and debuff icons/placement. I used to use the CT buff mod and tried Elkano’ for a while. But in the end I knew what icons meant what buff and opted to just let them stay default. The complete list of my mods is as follows:

  • Ace3
  • ActionButtonColors
  • ag_UnitFrames
  • AuctionLite
  • ClearFont2
  • CT_Core
  • CT_MailMod
  • CT_MapMod
  • DBM
  • FuBar
  • FuBar_DurabilityFu
  • FuBar_MoneyFu
  • Fubar_RecountFu
  • Grid
  • LoggerHead
  • OmniCC
  • OmniCC_Options
  • PowerAuras
  • Quartz
  • RatingBuster
  • Recount

It’s a small list compared to some folks. I think Runewatch might be packaged in there as well for my Death Knight alts but for obvious reasons you don’t need it for a Hunter.

The theory behind my UI is to keep everything as centered as possible allowing me to keep track of my surroundings while pertinent information is readily available. A screenshot of my UI while attacking a target dummy can be viewed here, as well I am sure many of you have seen my UI in action through any of my Ulduar boss videos.

You can go ahead and download the UI package right here. There are two additional RAR files inside, one called Add-Ons.rar which extracts to your Interface/Addons folder and the other is Drotara_UI_Settings.rar which go to your WTF\Account\{Account Name}\{Server}\{Character Name} for the Hunter you want to add them for. My UI is set to 1680×1050 so any other resolutions will have to be slightly modified to get everything centered again.

If you have any questions, due to the complex issues that might arise, post them on the forums so we can provide better troubleshooting.

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