The Iron Council

So far my favorite encounter in 25-man Ulduar has to be the Iron Council. While there is still a lot of stuff going on, it does provide some pretty number in terms of DPS without being a tank and spank like Patchwerk.

And besides, Blizzard always has to have a “council” type encounter in every instance. :)

I have to admit one huge mistake I made. My pet had no talents. I had turned on the talent confirmation feature and didn’t realize it applied to pets as well. I had changed from BM to Survival, re-summoned Khagan, put in talents and went on with the fight. Not having Avoidance explains why he got hit so so much during those 2 deaths he had from AoE.

It’s one of those things you screw up once and never do again. :)

Also, due to much request, you can download the Power Aura import text from the text file right here. You might have to do some slight re-adjusting on screen placement, but all the functionality should work.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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