AFKAutoshot’s Thoughts on Synergy

AFK-Autoshot shared their thoughts on synergy in response to the post a wrote a few days ago. You can check out the post here.

Last night Malygos finally decided he had a helm lying around for me. Hooray to that. :) I think I am about as ready as Ulduar as I am going to be. I’ve got a Spirit Wolf if MM or Survival happens to be rockin’ with the new Furious Howl. I’ve got a Spirit Beast if Beast Mastery is top again. I’ve stock-piled enough herbs for flasks to last a while.

Although I have been tempted to make the switch to Jewewlcrafting. I personally haven’t been happy with the benefits I’ve gotten from Alchemy since Lich King hit. Fel Mana Potions were fantastic for Hunters raiding during BC. But with the potion limits and what not, sure I save some gold on flasks, but /shrug at that.

I really want to know what’s in the Alchemist only chests that are tucked away in Ulduar. Being crazy and dropping Herbalism and being Alchemy/Jewewlcrafting is another crazy idea. Front the money to level JC and then get the benefits from both professions.

Tempting tempting.

Anyone else end up dropping a profession to pick up the powerhouse of Jewewlcrafting for maximizing their stats? Thoughts, opinions, etc. Share ‘em!

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