Thoughts on 6-minute Malygos

Saturday night, right before my wife and I went out to dinner, 10 of us from the guild went to get our 6-minute Malygos achievement. (“We can go after we kill this boss, it will take less than 6 minutes.”)

While I had Fraps running, it actually crashed while recording so the video didn’t turn out. But that doesn’t stop me from writing down some thoughts on how we managed to get the achievement.

With the change to sparks, which causes them to de-spawn after a certain amount of time, we did the achievement with normal spark stacking and great DPS. DPS key because in all likelihood, your raid doesn’t have time to go through 2 Vortexes. It’s those few precious seconds that can make or break the attempt.

The first thing to pay attention to is the actual duration of the fight. From the moment the last Scion dies, you need 2 minutes or more left in the fight or you most likely cannot make the 6 minute mark. Our first attempt we had to let our stacks fall off and wipe because we were going to be short by a couple second.

The second attempt had terrible spark placement so we wiped it early. The third try was the actual kill. We needed to improve on our time in phase 1 and 2 by ten seconds or so. One issue during the first attempt was boss placement and spark placement. I had missed an entire second spark stack due to it being too close to Malygos. During the kill attempt, our tank did a great job of adjusting him to make sure that I was able to stand in all the stacks.

During phase 2, focus fire DPS on the Scions was superb. We let our 2 melee deal with the ground-level Lords while the ranged took out the Scions using the sparks for as long as possible. We were able to kill the last Scion just as the few melee we had drop the second Lord.

Phase 3 requires your people to have no question on what they are doing, faith in the people doing AoE heals, and the ability to group up on those healers at all times. The pattern we used as DPS as 1-2-1-1-2 and repeating 1-1-2 the entire time. With 2 AoE healers there is no need to shield or HoT yourself as long as you stay near the healers.

You have enough energy and energy regen at the start of the fight to use the aforementioned pattern just for the sake of getting your stack rolling early.

Key Point for Hunters (most apply to any Malygos attempt):

  1. You will not be at maximum range on Malygos ever. The sparks have to be used by everyone. Your pet included. Make sure they stand in it too.
  2. Use your highest DPS rotation and use Aspect of the Viper during the Vortex to regain enough mana to keep going. Just remember to switch back after the Vortex is over.
  3. Focus-fire Scions with ranged DPS as best as possible. Wherever your raid decides to stand, pick a Scion that is coming towards you and is passing over you to be sure that you have maximum DPS time on it. It should be dead before it ever gets out of range.

Overall, 6-minute Malygos wasn’t any different than a normal Malygos. Like all other achievements of a similar nature (3 minute Patchwerk, Thaddius, etc) it just requires your players to be well-geared and have a complete understanding of what’s going on.

Only one real achievement stands between me and my Plagued-Proto Drake now. 10-man Sartharion with 3 drakes. I am going to see what was wrong with Fraps and make sure it is running smoothly for that boss kill.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you did something fun. Now if you don’t mind, I have to go shovel a walkway. *grumbles about new snow*

Thoughts, comments etc.

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