Taking It Easy

With so much content getting cleared, I’ve been raiding a whole a lot, even on off-nights. Taking my Priest through Naxx, all those achievement runs, etc. So for the past week or so I’ve been playing very light-heartedly. I’ve haven’t done much on my Priest other than make bags to list on the Auction House, do the cooking daily on Drotara and things like that.

Most of time in-game has been chilling with the real-life folks who started playing over on Pike’s server. With 3.1 still in development and a full raid schedule starting again when it hits I am trying to keep myself from getting too bored with raiding. All the new content will be awesome but I just don’t want to be sick of it by the time it goes live.

I’m still logging on during raid nights, helping other guildies with random stuff if they bring it up, etc. But no Arena and no real effort to finish gearing Phuzuda.

With most people finished with this content, outside of a few pieces here and there, I wonder what everyone else is doing when you don’t need more than a day or so to clear content. Alts, rep, etc? Share what you are doing in the comments!

About Drotara

Drotara (or BehemothDan) considers himself a geek on many levels. A web developer and programmer by trade, he has no shortage of geeky hobbies. When not fulfilling husband and daddy duties, he enjoys WoW, the WoW TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and great board games with friends and family.