Milking the Silver Hand Economy

I was presented with an interesting situation last night. Some of you might remember Warbull. It ends up he decided to transfer over to Silver Hand to play with the real-life friends that started playing. And this provided us with an opportunity to make some gold.

Silver Hand has royally screwed up prices in comparison to high population servers with a relatively balanced economy. On Silver Hand you still see Frozen Orbs selling for over 150 gold consistently. I’ve seen maybe 2 guilds that have “of the Nightfall” roaming around. There just isn’t the end-game you see in places like Illidan.

So we decided to load up Warbull with lots of supplies for us to flip over on Silver Hand. I bought 8 Frozen Orbs for 40g on Illidan. As of writing this, I have sold 4 of them for 110g each. I also bought the 60 Valor badge tank bracers to hook up my Death Knight with. They match is green belt nicely.

I also purchased 3 pairs of Bone-Framed Bracers from Illidan’s Auction House for 140g each. I have a single pair up on the Silver Hand Auction House for 800g which is still under-cutting my competition.

Warbull decided buy some cheap Titansteel to resell/craft+resell on Silver Hand.

It was an interesting position to be in. It’s not often that you get to milk an economy by bringing over supplies from an entirely different world so to speak.

Life in my Hunter world is pretty boring currently. I log on to raid, maybe do some Arena. I managed to grab Boots of the Renewed Flight in Malygos last night. It’s not a Blue Aspect  Helm, but it’ll do.

I felt bad for one of our Hunters. He opted to sit out of Naxxramas last night. And it just so happens that was the night Envoy of Mortality dropped. All of their original Hunters are lacking Envoy as it never seems to drop. The only 2 of us in guild that have it are recent recruits.

But isn’t that always how it is? The night you aren’t there, or you bring an alt is the night the item you really want happens to drop.

Hopefully I didn’t bore you with this post. I give 2 weeks before 3.1 goes live. Thoughts, comments, differing guesses, post ‘em in the comments!

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