In-game Casinos: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em

For people who have been playing WoW a long time, they will remember the first time casinos were rampant. It plagued chat so bad and there were so many reports of people getting scammed that Blizzard came out and condemned the practice.

For those of you who missed that phase, allow me to explain. One player with enough gold to spare offers others players the chance to place a bet. The betting player gives their gold to the “casino” and then uses /random 100. Based on the number rolled the person either loses their money, wins it back, doubles their money, and many other variations. In the old casino days, some even had win triple your money for exceptionally high rolls.

During the first round of casinos it became so prevalent that you couldn’t step through Ironforge without tripping over someone running a casino. And it became obnoxious. Trade chat, yells, says, etc.

Then came the accusations of players getting scammed. Roll hacks, players not paying money back, etc.

But I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Much to my dismay a couple guildies have voluntarily taken up the role of a casino. And I very well can’t add guildies to my ignore list. I lump casinos right in with gold sellers.

Thomas Tusser said “A fool and his money are soon parted.” And the statement is very true. Whether it’s real gambling or rolling for gold, somebody is out to lose. And as with casinos, the odds are never in your favor. There are some bloggers who have no issue with taking money from other players.

So why do I care? Because it’s an annoyance. I can’t stand spam of any kind, and anything to get rid of it I support. And that includes casinos.

Casinos bring nothing to the WoW economy. There is no finished product. The casino didn’t need any raw materials. The gambling player didn’t grab a finished product. It was just money taken from one player and given to another player. And if the person running the casino was honest and had enough gold to cover the the bets, chances are they are not spending that gold either.

So what do you guys think about in-game casinos? And how many of you have been around long enough to remember it the first time? I am eager to hear your thoughts and opinions. Post ‘em here!

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