Glory of the Raider. Finished!

That’s right! Last night I was able to become Drotara of the Nightfall. Not only did we get the guilds first melee/physical DPS group kill, it allowed me to get a Plagued Proto-Drake.

It wasn’t a one-shot by any means. But other than replacing a couple people who had to leave due to real-life calling, everyone stuck it out for 19 wipes and a kill coming on the 20th attempt. You can see the WWS right here. On the final kill my DPS was low, which a lot can be contributed to Khagan eating a flame breath from a drake during a repositioning because of flame wall. Check it out:

If you can, watch the video in HD because I think it rendered quite nicely in comparison to my other videos. I was pretty excited. Originally I wasn’t going to get in the group this week, but I opted to hang out in Vent while I was on an alt. Not 5 minutes later they popped in the channel and asked if I wanted to come. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Drotara of the Nightfall

Pretty good week all in all. We cleared 3-drake Sartharion, Eye of Eternity, and Naxxramas all on Tuesday and I was able to finish Glory of the Raider on Thursday.

As for the UI, you can see my Power Auras at work pretty well. Green means mana is above 90%, blue means Aspect of the Viper is on, yellow means I am dangerously low on mana, and red is Lock and Load.

Now for the weekend . . .


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