Ulduar and the PTR

No, no. It’s not up yet. Well, not as of the writing of this. But I am excited to see the PTR go up. Lately the blog content has been a lot of personal stories and relating things that happened in-game. The biggest change we had as a class in the last patch was the un-nerfing of some of our BM talents and the addition of Arcane Shot to Ferocious Inspiration which helped that talent tree out a bit but not enough to dethrone Survival.

3.1 is going to be a whole other ballgame however. We will see the adjustment of some MM talents, including our Deep Wounds-esque talent, as well as the new pet talents which are aimed at bringing BM Hunters more up to par again, although still having a deep reliance on pet survivability.

And with a guild that is intent on raiding Ulduar on the PTR it will be great to try the changes out first hand, see what Ulduar has to offer, and of course, bring it for you here on the site.

In-game I’ve been trying to get my little ‘ol healer geared up properly. While in the past I might have been able to convince some people to carry me through Naxx or something, we’re doing this right. Heroics, badge gear, and then moving on to Naxx.

Although I did get lucky. I got invited to heal a 25-man Naxx with just KT left. I warned them I was an alt and what my spell power was. They invited me anyways. It took 2 attempts, but he died, everyone was alive, and I was third on healing.

And then I rolled a 100 on the Helm of the Lost Conqueror. Mush to the dismay of some other folks, but much to the glee of my little Priest. And then, being the single role class that I am, I accidentally bought the shadow helm. What’s with these weird classes having more than one choice anyways? :P A GM said they should be able to fix that though. Hopefully.

I did want to re-test BM again, but was hesitant to spend all the money re-glyping to give is fair numbers. But I also would like to try and find Loque again, so when the PTR goes up I have a Spirit Beast to transfer over with in case BM proves to be top dog (or cat, badum ching) again. But that will require 51-points chillin’ in BM, floating around Sholazar Basin. Again.

Well, that’s really it for now. I think some Guitar Hero is in order for this afternoon. Thoughts, comments, thinks you would like to see covered in a post, put ‘em here.

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